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News and events of Malawi – Mozambique – South Africa – Zambia Sectors of SAP

Composition of the new SAP Provincial Council.

Stanislas_LubunboProvincial: Stanley Lubungo

MALAWI: Michel Sanou, Robert Tebri, Filiyanus Ekka and Michel Côté

MOZAMBIQUE: Boris Yabre, Julian Kasiya, Hugh Seenan and Fidel Salazar

SOUTH AFRICA: Raymond McQuarrie and Deogratius Ngowi

ZAMBIA: Venerato Babaine, Francis Bomansaan, Romaric Bationo, Alfred Awogya and Benjamin Itungabose

Note: Underlined and in bold is the Provincial and the Delegate Superior of the Sector. In bold is the second Provincial councillor from the sector. Zambia is yet to choose this second councillor. All the other confreres are substitutes of their respective Sector.

The Provincial together with the new Delegate Superiors and their second councillors will have their first meeting will take place on 22nd till 24th July in Woodlands, Lusaka.

SAP Provincial Council Meeting, Chipoka, Malawi 20th – 24th April 2015

The meeting took place at the newly built Chitsulo Lodge on the lake shore of Lake Malawi at Chipoka, 30 km south of Salima. The Lodge was built by the Diocese of Dedza as an income generating project which seems to be quite successful.

PC-Meeting-Chipoka-April-2015-14bThe meeting lasted four days between the 21st and the 25th April with a day break on Wednesday. Fr. Jos Kuppens inaugurated the first day with a condense session on Training For Transformation (TFT). The presentation of the ‘Pastoral Cycle’ was greatly appreciated. We should expect more commitments from Justice & Peace and Encounter/Dialogue in this field.

The eleven participants from all SAP Sectors worked intensively from 8:30 till 18:00 every day with a break between lunch time and 15:00.

Thanks to the Sector of Malawi which hosted the meeting.

Were present: Christopher Chileshe (Provincial), Timothée Bationo (First Councillor and Delegate Superior of Mozambique), Philippe Docq (Delegate Superior of South Africa), Oswald Mallya (Delegate Superior of Zambia), William Turnbull (Delegate Superior of Malawi), Michel Sanou (Councillor, Malawi), Richard Ujwigowa Bikerong’a (Councillor, Mozambique), Romaric Bationo (Councillor, Zambia), Raymond McQuarrie, (Councillor, South Africa), Karl Kälin (Provincial Treasurer) and Robert Tebri (Rector Lechaptois).

Latest news about the health situation of some of our confreres

Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo

Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo

Marc Nsanzurwimo was admitted on Monday the 9th to Hilltop Hospital in Lusaka for appendicitis. The surgery took place at 15 hours and was successfully performed within 40 minutes by Dr. Tembo. Marc is recovering well and is expected to be release by tomorrow the 12th.

Didasio Mwanza is doing fine progress. He saw the doctor as foreseen on Monday the 9th and it was positive.
An X-ray was taken and, if these confirm solid union, he will give a go ahead for a return to Zambia. Nevertheless, we would advise Didasio to move slowly back to normal life. He has been mostly resting and lying with one or two walks a day. Now he has to do exercise to strengthen the muscles of his shoulders and neck. We think that he should take advantage of the supportive environment that he finds in South Africa to take it easy and visit some of our confreres to enhance a full physical, moral and spiritual recovery.
News about Didasio sent by Didier Lemaire in Edenglen
Christopher Chileshe had a surgery last week in India for a prostate cancer. He is recovering well but will need time to recover properly. Let us also pray for him as well as Marc, Didasio and all the confreres who are facing health problems.
Thanks for everyone who spend time and resources in helping our sick confreres where ever they are; in India, in South Africa and Zambia. Please, let us know if someone else is experiencing similar ordeal so as to join our prayer together.

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Members of the Provincial Council meeting at Mua, Malawi

2013 Provincial Council April 06

Bottom line: Karl Kälin, Provincial Treasurer, Jos van Boxel, General Council, Antoon Oostveen, Councillor, Serge St-Arneault, Provincial Secretary

Standing: Michel Sanou, Councillor Malawi, Timothée Bationo, Sector Superior Mozambique, Bernhard Udelhoven, Substitute Councillor Zambia, Adelarde Munishi, Substitute Sector Superior Zambia, Chrispin Vungwa, Councillor South Africa, William Turnbull, Sector Superior Malawi, Christopher Chileshe, Provincial, Richard Ujwigowa, Councillor Mozambique, Philippe Docq, Sector Superior South Africa, Robert Tebri, Lechaptois First Cycle

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Recollection on liberation – April 2013

Dear missionaries,
We have just received a document from André Schaminée which you can read below. As attachments, you can also open a letter from Fr. Richard K. Baawobr, M.Afr and Sr. Carmen Sammut, MSOLA inviting us to share a common retreat on the 30th April, feast of Our Lady of Africa. A PDF file of 8 pages will guide you through this recollection. Please, let me know if you prefer a hard copy of this PDF files, as some of you might find it difficult to download it because of poor Internet network. Your Sector Superior may also help you.
Fr. Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr
Dear Confreres,
To all of you: a good continuation of the celebration of Easter. May this feast be for us and for the whole Church, under the guidance of the new Pope Francis, a nice occasion to renew our faith in Him, who offers us his New Life and who sends us with a Mission of bringing this Joyful News to all those whom we meet in our apostolate.
This year our Lavigerie family commemorates the Antislavery Campaign of Cardinal Lavigerie. We have now reached the half-way point of this celebration. Carmen, the Superior General of the MSOLA and Richard, our Superior General, propose to us a recollection on this theme for this month of April. You find their letter and the text of this recollection attached to this e-mail. They can also be found on our website
This message is sent to all Provincials and the Delegate Superior. I invite you to let all communities of your Province or Delegation have a copy. It is equally sent to all Formation Houses.
André Schaminée
Recollection for the 125 Antislavery campaign - MSOLA & M.Afr note from Sup GenRecollection on liberation - April 2013

Young confreres meeting in Ndola: 28th January – 2nd February

Young confreres meeting in Ndola 03 - Copie

Florent Sawadogo (Burkinabe/Mozambique), Saju Akkara (Indian/Zambia)
Philip Meraba (Nigerian/Malawi), Patrice Sawadogo (Burkinabe/Zambia)
Jean de Dieu Bukuru (Burundian/Mozambique), Alfred Awogya (Ghanean/Zambia)
Felix Kamunenge (animator) (Zambian/Zambia), Didasio Mwanza (Zambian/Malawi)
Frederic Ajaruva (Congolese/Zambia), Jules Roy (Canadian/resident in Ndola)
and Filianus Ekka (Indian/Malawi)
The SAP Province organised a Young Confreres meeting for all those in their first term serving in the Province. The meeting was convened in Ndola. Those who attended the meeting were hosted in our community in Ndola. Bob Tebri, the Rector of Balaka, and Felix Kamunenge serving in Kitwe Parish acted as moderators. Dioscoro Malugao, the Sector Superior of Zambia, accompanied the group throughout and Christopher Chileshe, the Provincial, was present for two days.
The meeting began with a recollection animated by Dioscoro. He called the participants to reflect upon their vocation and identity as Missionaries of Africa called for a humble service in the vineyard of the Lord. While it is at times difficult to reveal our priestly identity to those we meet for the first time, there has been some reward for doing so.
The most important moment of the meeting was the personal sharing. All the participants, including the animators, were given ample time to share with others their joys, hopes and sources of strength but also their sorrows, challenges and difficulties. After each sharing the participants manifested their interest through questions, comments and clarifications.
The animators of the meeting enlightened the young confreres by an input built upon their personal experiences. The theme was: “The Challenge of being a Missionary of Africa Today”. Bob highlighted the changing nature of our Society as far as age and main sources of vocations are concerned. He underscored the point that our commitment to JPIC/ED must start at home by the way we treat one another and our workers. Our call has a prophetic dimension which must take seriously the challenge of leadership in Africa but also in our Society and in the Church.
The Provincial of SAP presented the vision and pastoral priorities of the Province. The participants were satisfied and enriched by this insightful interaction.
The mood of the meeting was kept high by the good food offered by the kitchen staff with the well appreciated collaboration of Dioscoro who kept himself busy in all logistic arrangements for the meeting. The participants were also cheered up by the two outings to Msogbe Camp and the visit to our confreres in Kitwe.
By Jean de Dieu Bukuru, M.Afr

The Southern Africa Province Stagiaires’ meeting – February 2013

Stagiaires 2013 03 - CopieStagiaires who came to their meeting held in Lusaka from the 18th till 23rd February. In brackets: Nationality/Stage.

First row: Jean-Baptiste Todjro (Togolese/Zambia), Emmanuel Lyabonyende Rulinyuma (Congolese/Zambia), Humphrey Andibah Lyubah (Kenyan/Zambia), Fitiwi Abraha Yohannes (Ethiopian/Zambia), Fidèle Mugalihya Macara (Congolese/Zambia)
On top: Jean-Paul Basikaba Evi (Congolese/Zambia), Maurice Aduol Odhiambo (Kenyan/Mozambique), Venance Bharotota Shundu (Tanzanian/Zambia), Raphaël Patrick Sebyera (Congolese/Zambia), Facilitator Paul Namono (Burkinabe/Malawi), Clayb Caputolan (Filipino/Malawi), Joseph Prabhu (Indian/Zambia), Élie Nyembo Sango (Congolese/Zambia), Serge Kabwakila Kasongo (Congolese/Mozambique), Hervé Tougma (Burkinabe/Malawi), Jonas Michael Mensah (Ghanaian/Zambia), Alfred Nkundimana (Rwandese/South Africa), Facilitator Camille Konkodo, (Burkinabe /Zambia), Erick Balderas Vega (Mexican/Zambia)
The meeting started on Monday 18th February at FENZA. It was facilitated by two Missionaries of Africa priests: Camille Konkobo and Paul Namono. We were 18 (1 SA, 2 Moz, 3 Mlw, 12 Zmb). Fr Christopher Chileshe, the provincial of SAP, gave us the opening speech and welcoming remarks to us all gathered. After adopting the timetable and sharing the responsibilities, we received Fr. Bernard Udelhoven who gave us an input on “the Church and the Culture”. He invited us to listen to the culture and to be open before any judgment.
Our expectations during this meeting were to know each other better, to know the joys, the difficulties and the challenges in community and apostolic life. We also hoped to enrich each other with the experiences and to strengthen our brotherhood. We also expected to have clarity on stagiaires’ dues and duties within the province. We then shared our experiences, focused mainly on our life story, prayer life, language course, community and apostolic life, transport and allowances. Each one was given twenty minutes of sharing after which time was given for questions.
This year 2012-2013, there are eighteen stagiaires from twelve different nationalities. Ten of them are finishing their stage and joining different centers for fourth phase of formation. The others eight are beginning their apostolic experience. All of us were happy to hear that we are coming from Christian families. The experience of the spiritual year has helped us to be aware of the love of God for us, to deepen our faith, and to be taken by Christ’s love through our apostolate. The experience of stage is helpful and quite challenging at the same time. For some of us, the community was prepared in advance, while elsewhere the place was not ready to receive the stagiaire: Just at the arrival, some of the stagiaires entered into the program of the community through youth camps and sessions for youth, while others found conflicts between members of the community.
The meeting was a great opportunity for us to be together as brothers and encourage each other. Our responsibilities in communities and pastoral field differ. The experiences help us to be prepared for the future ministries as Missionaries of Africa. We feel sharing the same mission with our confreres, and being part of the Society. We participate in everything apart from administrating the sacraments. Most of our missions are in a primary evangelization milieu. We are aware of our limits, not being Eucharistic ministers; we offer our service (help) in order to bring Jesus to people and people to Christ.
The sharing was appreciated by all of us. This is because it was done in respect for each other and great listening. Our expectations were fulfilled throughout the meeting. The visit of the confreres in Lusaka, during the meeting, was a blessing for us. We feel being part of the big family of Missionaries of Africa in the Southern Africa Province. The picnic and visit to our 2 parishes in Lusaka town were a time of relaxation, joking and enjoying a different atmosphere together.
By Alfred Nkundimana, Lebombo Community and Elie Sango, Namushakende community
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