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Birthday celebration for Raphael Gasimba, M.Afr, in Mozambique

raphael-gasimba-anniversary-2016-04By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire in Dombe Parish

The 29th September was really a symbolic day for our community in Dombe. We are lucky to have an archangel with us, meaning Padre Raphael Gasimba who was celebrating his 58th birthday anniversary and his patron feast. The whole community was very happy. The celebration was held in the evening when we welcomed our Brothers and Sisters of the “Obra the Maria”, “Fazenda da Esperança”, little Sisters of Mary Immaculate and two other Brothers from Zimbabwe who wish to join the Missionaries of Africa. Everyone was involved in the preparation of the evening party; songs, cake, one (but only one!) bottle of champagne. Wonderful time to celebrate life joyfully. May the intercession of the archangels Raphael, Miguel and Gabriel bring many more fruitful missionary years to Father Gasimba.

Newsletter South Africa No 67 – 27th September 2016

newsletter-south-africa-no-67-titleMy dear Friends, Greetings! I hope you are keeping well. Spring is in the air, and it is time to revive ourselves also! Every month, I read with great interest the reports of the KwaZulu Natal Vocation Team; they are a group of more than fifteen Seminarians and Sisters studying in Cedara; they belong to different congregations, and they meet regularly (mostly once a month). They also go to various parishes where, after the Sunday Mass, they interact with the youths on the theme of vocations: some of them have started to show genuine interest in discerning their own vocation. Bravo to the KZN Vocations Team! Keep up your good work!

Indeed, many young people are questioning themselves on the meaning of life and their own place in this pretty mixed up world. Last Sunday, 25th September, a very interesting Vocation Retreat was held at Bosco Youth Centre in Walkerville. Eighteen young men and women actively participated. They had attended most of the monthly discernment meetings at the Johannesburg cathedral during the year. The highlight of the retreat was surely the “Way of Mercy” we did while climbing a mountain and keeping a prayerful and reflective silence; at one station, we had the chance to have confessions; the two priests were kept very busy, as everyone came to the sacrament. On top of the mountain, near a big cross, we recited the chaplet of mercy. Then we came down for Mass. At the end of Mass eight of them received a special blessing, as they had decided where to go next year: either to the seminary or to the convent.

newsletter-south-africa-no-67-sambiLast month, I mentioned our new-comer, Pascal Sambi, from Burkina Faso. On Monday, his community drove him to Assisi, near Port Shepstone, where he is starting his Zulu course. Good luck, Pascal!

In a few days, we shall enter MISSION MONTH (October). The theme Pope Francis gives us this year is: MISSIONARY CHURCH, WITNESS OF MERCY. Read below a quotation from his letter for World Mission Sunday (23rd October). God calls everyone to be a missionary. Maybe he calls you to be a missionary “ad gentes”.

“The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, which the Church is celebrating, casts a distinct light on World Mission Sunday 2016: it invites us to consider the ‘missio ad gentes’ (Mission outside our country) as a great, immense work of mercy, both spiritual and material. On this World Mission Sunday, all of us are invited to “go out” as missionary disciples, each generously offering their talents, creativity, wisdom and experience in order to bring the message of God’s tenderness and compassion to the entire human family. By virtue of the missionary mandate, the Church cares for those who do not know the Gospel, because she wants everyone to be saved and to experience the Lord’s love. She “is commissioned to announce the mercy of God, the beating heart of the Gospel” and to proclaim mercy in every corner of the world, reaching every person, young or old.” Pope Francis


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Mafrwestafrica lettre du 24 septembre 2016

Mafrwestafrica logoAujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site


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70th Anniversary Celebrations of Murraça Parish and the White Fathers in Mozambique.

fr-charles-pollet-2By Hugh Seenan (Parish Priest of Murraça 2004-2007)

On the 4th September 2016, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, our first parish in Mozambique, celebrated 70 years of its foundation. The first group of White Fathers, Albert Garin, Charles Pollet, Cesar Bertulli and Paolo Marostica founded the parish on the 5th June 1946, meaning as well that 2016 marks 70 years of the White Fathers in Mozambique. The initial location was Magagade 18km from the present location in Murraça, the name it is now famous for. Murraça is on the opposite bank of the Zambezi where the Chire enters the river.

Archbishop Claudio Dalla Zuanna, Archbishop of Beira, led the celebrations. The day also marked the celebration for the Year of Mercy for the parishes along the River Zambezi, many founded from Murraça. A Vigil on the Saturday Night marked the start of the celebrations. The pilgrims passed through the Holy Door parish by parish.  Unfortunately, because of the war only a small group of pilgrims could come from Beira.  A carful came with the Archbishop making a long detour via Maringue and Sena to avoid the military convoy. A handful of us travelled by passenger train that up to now has not been attacked as it passes through the war zone. This included António Dina, who belongs to the first group who completed primary school in Murraça. He said a few words at the end of Mass speaking warmly of our first confreres and their successors. All had a great day.

The Beginning of the 2016-2017 Academic Year at the Fraternité Lavigerie of Abidjan.

abidjan-sept-2016By Michael Miles Mpindo, Malawian, 3rd year student in Abidjan.

The new academic year at the Fraternité Lavigerie campus started on September 16, 2016, with the welcoming of 8 new members. Among them, 2 are originally from SAP, namely Levison Goodwell Joseph Wallard, Malawian, and Domingos Mirembwe, Mozambican. Altogether, our community consists of 43 members of 20 different nationalities; 38 candidates and 5 formators.

This year’s opening day took place after a three-day session aiming at coming up with this year’s community project entitled “témoins de l’amour du Christ, bâtissons une communauté joyeuse et miséricordieuse.” Our community project is beautifully symbolised with the colourful painting of the African map. Father George Jacques, the Rector, presided the Eucharistic with the presence of two confreres from SAP; Timothée Bationo and Romaric Bationo, who are on home leave.

The official inauguration of the “Institut Catholique Missionnaire d’Abidjan” took place on Monday 19 and was marked by the declaration of intention of 13 second-year students. Brian Gerald Banda, Zambian, was one of them. They made their declaration after a 30-Day retreat. A fourth-year program was added this year.

We wish our community of Fraternité Lavigerie a joyful and successful 2016-2017 academic year. We pray that the Lord helps us to build a JOYFUL community in order to be true witnesses of Jesus Christ’s good news.

Lire la traduction en français de cet article intitulé “Rentrée académique à Abidjan”.

Zambia Catholic University (ZCU) 2017 new Website.

02-catholic-university-web-logoThe University has three faculties and offers also offers professional studies.

Faculty of Business Management and Finance
Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Banking and Finance
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Faculty of Social Sciences
Development Studies
Social Work
Mass Communication

Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Education – Primary
Bachelor of Education – Secondary
(Civic Education, History, Geography, English Language, Religious Education, Mathematics)
Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling with a teaching Subject)
Bachelor of Commerce with Education

Professional Programs
ACCA          FIA Certificate           FIA Diploma         FIA Technician

Technician        Licentiate        Professional

Contact Us

For more details, contact us on: P.O Box 26410, Kalulushi, Zambia

Email:   /    /

 General Enquires   Tel: +260 212 730209   /   Cell:  +260 974 305033

Interview given by Michel Meunier, M.Afr, on Radio Veritas, Johannesburg, South Africa.

edenglen-09Michel Meunier was invited to give an interview by phone on Radio Veritas, Johannesburg, following the death of Fr Didier Michon. The interview took place a few days ago. Didier celebrated Mass regularly at the radio station while Michel is still doing it. Here below some pictures taken in 2015 showing Michel in the studio and Didier welcoming a missionary, Norbert Angibaud, at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Click HERE to hear the interview on MP3


90th Birthday Celebration of Fr Henk Van Kessel in Chipata.

feast-henk-03Article and photos by Fr Camille Konkobo, Vocation Promoter.

Fr Henk van Kessel has clocked 90 years old of age on the 7th September 2016. The Missionaries of Africa in Chipata organized a celebration for him on September 11. Close to 30 people gathered around him; religious men and women and lay people.

Prayers and a meal were shared including the raising of a glass for a toast in his honor lead by Fr G. Nyoni, diocesan Pastoral Coordinator in Chipata. Being asked his secret of his longevity, he simply replied; “Do not stop breathing!” On behalf of the Missionaries, Fr Jean Luc Gouiller spoke kindly about Fr Henk who himself encouraged each one to remain disciplined and moderate in our way of life. “The secret of reaching 90 years is regularity, discipline and prayer”. He added: “I am happy to celebrate this moment with you all”.

feast-henk-01Fr Henk took the opportunity to thank everybody who made it possible for him to be who he is today. He expressed gratitude to Fr Camille Konkobo for being instrumental in organizing and inviting all the communities within Chipata for the event.

In return Fr Camille thanked also the invited guests and all the confreres who sent a message of best wishes to Fr Henk. Those messages were read at the great amazement of each one. The day ended with the blessing of Fr Henk.

feast-henk-02The psalmist says in Ps 90. 10: “Seventy is the sum of our years, or eighty if you are strong.” Where can we put Fr Henk? Has he not challenged the psalmist? Reverend Fr Henk, ad Multos Annos!

Henk van Kessel appointed Knight of the Order of Orange, Chipata, Zambia.

2017 calendar leading to the Jubilee celebrations of 150 years since the foundation of the Missionaries of Africa – made in South Africa


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