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Souvenir of a very special meal.

pere-jacques-hamelBy Christophe Boyer, M.Afr

End of April 2017, I was back from holidays in France where the islamo-christian dialogue has improved a lot since the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel during mass in a church. Of their own initiative Muslims have come to Church to show their opposition to violence and intolerance.

Toni RowlandI was wondering what could be done here in South Africa. One day I received a phone call from Toni Rowland who is in charge of the family apostolate at the South African Catholic Bishops Conference. She asked me to advise her about a Muslim invitation since I am a contact person for islamo-christian relations at the SACBC. I was lifted up by this answer to my question.

We went together to meet Ayhan Cetin the CEO of the Turquoise Harmony Institute. He told us that this year the Institute invites people motivated to inter religious dialogue to share the breaking of the fast in a Muslim family. Toni had already gone with the Institute to visit Turkey. We said it is a very good project and emailed the invitation to Catholics who might be interested. Toni went to such an iftaar and was delighted meeting such a diversity of people. So I asked Michel Meunier of Canada and George Okwii of Uganda, my two fellow priests in Edenglen if they would be interested in such an invitation. They answered without hesitations.

Then I registered on the Facebook page of the Institute and received an answer within the week with the professional assistance of Ayhan and his secretary. The 12th June at 17:30, we arrived at Sermin and Turker Isler’s flat not far from Nizamiye mosque. We were immediately warmly welcomed by them and three neighbours. I gave in an envelope the message of the Vatican for the Feast of the Sacrifice at end of the Ramadan and a small box of mint green tea. We sat with our three male hosts. The food was tasty and rich. We closed the meal with black tea.

Nizamiye mosque 2The conversation was lively: our respective lives, work, politics, soccer… One and the other went for a prayer at the end of the meal. Finally, after thanking the mistress of the house we moved at the invitation of our three male counterparts to the beautiful pastry parlour of the mosque. On the way we could admire the illuminated mosque in the night.

We were happily surprised to meet Uncle Ali, the builder of the mosque and the boss of the pastry who sat at table with us. There was another round of very refined Turkish delights one of them being hot ice cream…  The conversation became more spiritual. We need such table fellowship to anticipate the one at the end of the world when there will be universal love without discrimination of religion, race, gender, wealth or culture. We promised to follow up with other similar encounters even with the youth and during worship. We parted with a precious new memory in our hearts.

Souvenir of a very special meal

Link: Visit of Nizamiye mosque on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

Brother Moses Sense Simukonde, M.Afr

The Missionaries of Africa, Sector Zambia, are proud to invite you to participate at the festive celebration in honour of Brother Moses Sense Simukonde, M.Afr, who recently made his Missionary Oath in Nairobi. Let us unite in this event as our family of missionaries is once again increasing. Praise the Lord!

The event will take place in Kasama on Sunday 7, Mai 2017, in the morning, at St. Anne’s parish.

Here is the journey made so far by Brother Simukonde:


Let us celebrate together our Consecration to the Lord!

Cardinal Mazombwe Funeral 01

Sisters, Brothers and Priests are cordially invited to the Chrism Mass on 26th March, at 09:30 hrs at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus to be followed by a luncheon. Bearing in mind this year’s theme; “Consecrated Life and Integral Development”. His Grace Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu invites you all for this celebration in appreciation of the presence and works of all Consecrated Religious men and women in the Archdiocese of Lusaka. Looking forward to your coming and participation!

 Let us celebrate together our Consecration to the Lord!


Invitation from FENZA – public conference

Marc Nsanzurwimo_2012_Bfenza-logo 02Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia invites you to a public conference on “moving from one Church to the other” this coming Saturday 20th December 2014 at 15:00hrs at Bauleni Parish.

The talk is entitled: “Changing Churches: Are your neighbors’ pastures greener?”

Speaker: Fr. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

Venue: Bauleni, Catholic Church (Off Leopards Hill Road, near to Radio Yatsani)

Time: 15:00hrs – 17:30hrs

We hope to see you. Thanks!

 Fr. Romaric Bationo, M.Afr

Greetings to you all from Ouagadougou and happy Immaculate Conception feast.

Jean_Baptiste_TodjroOur salvation has been written by Jesus and there is no doubt that in order to see the face of Jesus. We must turn to the one who said “yes” to receive God in her womb, his Mother. In our daily life, it is to her we look to heal our diseases, to turn our tears into prayer. To her, we offer our suffering and concern for the salvation of souls, our loneliness so that it becomes contemplation, and our fears to turn into hope, our joy that it fills the world with peace and our peace to witness to the kingdom among those we are sent to. May Mary continue praying for all of us.

As we remember the feast of the Immaculate Conception I wish you, your families, your friends, and your loved ones a Happy and Lovely Feast.

Jean-Baptiste Todjro

Updates on the Antislavery Campaign in SAP

The Antislavery Campaign was officially launched in Rome on 9th November 2012. Each Province/Sector was asked to organize its own calendar of events already at the time of Richard Nnyombi’s visit which took place about a year ago. Though we got off to a somehow slow start, it doesn’t mean that nothing has been done yet.

Let us break the chains 01In South Africa Michel Meunier had a calendar and a book mark printed for the occasion, gave an interview on Radio Veritas and a talk in Pretoria. In Malawi, as Bill Turnbull told us, “at the 8th December celebrations in Balaka, our students presented two excellent plays and a poem. The topic of the plays was human trafficking. They were lively, humorous, educative and straight to the point”. There is now a plan to repeat the performance in Lilongwe in front of a wider audience. In Zambia, on 26th November, our confreres in Kasama combined our Founder’s Day with their own little opening of the year of anniversary for the Antislavery Campaign. As part of their celebrations, they had an input on the Antislavery campaign of Lavigerie and its place within the history or our Society by Paul Johnston. FENZA centre is planning a conference on the topic in the next few months. At the moment we are also preparing a leaflet explaining a few basic facts about the campaign. It should be distributed in parishes at the beginning of Lent. I am sure that more initiatives were taken by others which I am not aware of. Please let me know directly or use this forum to share them.

Maybe this is the time to set aside a few commitments and concentrate more on this strong appeal that is coming from the Society. All of us are asked, as individuals and in our communities, to continue praying, sharing, reading and being up-to-date on the event.

For those in parish work is just a question of using the various means already at their disposal: talking about the campaign and its meaning in homilies, talks, Parish councils meetings and newsletters. Lent is coming soon: we received from Rome the Stations of the Cross adapted to what we are celebrating; if we are not happy with them let’s come up with something new but let’s make the most of this opportunity!

On a different level, in our countries we can easily go into schools, give interviews on the radio and have articles printed in the local newspapers. Our candidates in the different houses of formation are also warmly invited to give their creative contribution. Balaka has shown us the way, let others follow the example!

Following in the footsteps of the Cardinal who was capable of dropping everything and started touring the capitals of Europe to deliver his message, we are also asked to show some enthusiasm and determination in order to make known the slogan of the campaign: Let’s break the chains!

Finally, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the way we will close this year’s celebrations which should happen in September or thereabouts. The grand finale with the bus tour seems to be losing support by the day and surely it will not make sense if there isn’t an adequate preparation in the months leading up to it. Maybe the project was not properly presented and/or understood but it is becoming increasingly evident that it will be difficult to pull it off. Malawi has already withdrawn and Zambia will take a decision in the next few days. But even if this particular project does not get off the ground it does not mean that we should give up all.

In February, March and April I will be visiting the communities in South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi and I hope that suchClaudio Zuccala 2013 occasion will present us with an excellent opportunity to find out where we are at, to clarify some issues and to share ideas and plans for the coming months.

Best wishes in all your endeavours,  Claudio Zuccala, M.Afr

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