Composition of the new SAP Provincial Council.

Stanislas_LubunboProvincial: Stanley Lubungo

MALAWI: Michel Sanou, Robert Tebri, Filiyanus Ekka and Michel Côté

MOZAMBIQUE: Boris Yabre, Julian Kasiya, Hugh Seenan and Fidel Salazar

SOUTH AFRICA: Raymond McQuarrie and Deogratius Ngowi

ZAMBIA: Venerato Babaine, Francis Bomansaan, Romaric Bationo, Alfred Awogya and Benjamin Itungabose

Note: Underlined and in bold is the Provincial and the Delegate Superior of the Sector. In bold is the second Provincial councillor from the sector. Zambia is yet to choose this second councillor. All the other confreres are substitutes of their respective Sector.

The Provincial together with the new Delegate Superiors and their second councillors will have their first meeting will take place on 22nd till 24th July in Woodlands, Lusaka.


Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 28 juin 2015


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  1. Joseph Makoka, M.Afr

    Greetings from Aribinda
    Its with a lot of joy that I have received this email expressing good news of SAP. I congratulate our new Provincial Stanley Lubungo and his new team of the Provincial Council.
    Wishing you all a very nice ministry at the service of confreres and the mission of the Church in SAP. Be assured of my fraternal prayers at your intention.
    Once again! Félicitations!
    Yours fraternally. Joseph Makoka, M.Afr

  2. Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, M. Afr

    God bless the whole council. Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, M. Afr

  3. Paul Johnston, M. Afr

    Hi Brothers
    Congratulations to the new provincial team. Paul Johnston, M. Afr

  4. Jimenez Maralf Mendivil

    Congratulations to all our confreres for this new appointment…we will be united in prayers…. Hoping Zambia will receive me when I finish my theology here in Nairobi. Jimenez Maralf Mendivil

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