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Renewal of the Declaration of Intent of Éric Kambale, Lumimba, Zambia

Éric-Kambale-Declaration-of-Intend-March 2015By Éric Kambale, Stagiaire in Lumimba, Zambia

I renewed my declaration of Intent on the 22nd March 2015. Father Babaine Venerato, the Stage Coordinator came to receive my Declaration of Intent on behalf of the Provincial Superior of SAP (Father Christopher Chileshe).

It was also a great day of joy as the Parish welcomed Father Brendan O’Shea who has been appointed to Lumimba. Moreover, it was a good opportunity for vocation animation in our Parish. At the end of Mass, we posed for a group picture. In the evening we had a get-together sharing.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Jos van Boxtel in Mozambique – March 2015

Jos van Boxtel in Mozambique March 2015 01 copie

Palm Sunday in the Philippines, Lumimba (Zambia) and Sussundenga (Mozambique) – March 2015

Palm Sunday 2015Various Palm celebrations presided by our confreres within our SAP Province and abroad, in the Philippines.

My sincere thanks!

John-Itaru-2014Dear confreres, after the mourning and the burial of my father, may I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your kindness. You have been so supportive. I have no enough words to thank you but be assured that your support has given a lot of meaning to this rather painful event. However, I thank God in its totality, the all event turned to be more of a feast than a funeral. This is a big consolation for us. Once more thanks. Hope to see you soon.
John Itaru, M.Afr

Death of the father of John Itaru, M.Afr in Zambia

Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 28 mars 2015

cropped-mafrwestafrica-02.jpgAujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site :

Dans la rubrique « Actualités » :
« Attentat en Tunisie et ses suites » : 
un rappel de l’attentat qui s’est produit à Tunis, au musée du Bardo, la solidarité de l’Eglise, du reste du monde, et les questions qui se posent.
 (lire la suite)
« Horaire d’été en Aurope »
 le passage à l’heure d’été se fait dans la nuit du 28 au 29 mars 2015 (lire la suite) 

Dans la rubrique « Témoignages »,
« Conférence en Afrique du Sud» : 
ce que retient Amorain Wayikpo, étudiant togolais à Merrivale, d’une conférence donnée sur la « masculinité hégémonique ».(lire la suite) 
« Hommage au Père Pierre Meynet » :
 le témoignage du Père Charles Sarti, qui a partgé la vie de Pierre lors de son séjour dans le diocèse de Nouna-Dédougou. (lire la suite)

« Semblables mais distincts » : le témoignage du Père Jean Paul Guibila, Burkinabè en mission au Mexique
(lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Dialogue interreligieux » :
« Le djihad toujours à l’affiche » : 
les nouvelles disponibles sur ce thème, et le questions qui se posent, en particulier en Syrie, où la situation est particulièrement compliquée .
(lire la suite) 
« Vatican II et le dialogue interreligieux »
 Vincent Kiye,originaire de la République Démocratique du Congo, en dernière année de théologie, nous partage ce qu’il retient de Vatican II vis-à-vis du dialogue interreligieux (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Justice et Paix » :
« Pastorale des migrants en Algérie » : 
le Père Johan Miltenburg qui se trouve à Ghardaia, partage à sa manière son expérience et ses suggestions au sujet de la pastorale des migrants venus d’Afrique de l’Ouest. (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Vu au sud, vu du sud » :
« Le solaire révolutionnera l’Afrique »
.un article paru dans le numéro de « Voix d’Afrique » du mois de mars 2015, n° 106, (lire la suite) 
« Valorisation des produits laitiers » : 
le Père Maurice Oudet publie sur le site du SEDELAN un texte paru dans la presse Burkinabè sur un sujet qui lui tient à cœur : les mini-laiteries. (lire la suite)

Newsletter South Africa No 49 – 25th March, 2015

Newsletter South Africa no 49 title


Our M.Afr students in Rome, 2015.

07 Pictures Roma Seven GregorienneMany confreres have studied in Rome, both at the PISAI and the Pontifical Gregorian University. This year, three students are taking the bus every day to go to school: Pascal Imani Kapilimba originally from DRCongo studying at the PISAI and Gilles Efiyo from DRCongo and Evariste Some from Burkina Faso, both at the Gregorian. Note that Evariste was Parish Priest at Serenje, Zambia up to 2013.

See the site of the famous Gregorian with a visit conducted by Evariste through the streets of Rome. Look at the beautiful architecture of the main building built between 1927 and 1930.

The Pontifical Gregorian University (From

Originally founded as the Collegio Romano in 1551 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola over 460 years ago, the Gregorian University was the first university founded by the Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits. Its present name was given by Pope Gregory XIII. Containing faculties and institutes of various disciplines of the humanities, the Gregorian has one of the largest and most distinguished theology departments in the world, with over 1600 students from over 130 countries.

General Audience of Pope Francis at the Vatican – March 18, 2015

Rome-18-03-2015-07The participants of the session for Secretaries and Archivists were given an opportunity to see Pope Francis at the Vatican for the General Audience on Wednesday morning the 18th March. As usual, a large crowd invaded the square in the hope to see the Pope closely and hear his message centered on family life. By chance, it was a lovely and shining day contrary to the previous damps and cold weather. The atmosphere is festive as names of pilgrims groups are announced in various languages including Arabic.

Click on the picture to see the video.

Session for Secretaries and Archivists in Rome – March 16-20, 2015

1. Pello Sala 2. Jozef Vleugels 3. John Aserbire 4. Michel Groiselle 5. François Richard 6. Pascal Durand 7. Bill Moroney 8. Aloïs Schmid 9. Luc De L'Arbre 10. Gerry Murphy 11. Juan José Osés 12. Marc Beaudry 13. Romaric Bationo 14. Richard Kinlen 15. André Schaminée 16. Damien Watine 17. Serge St-Arneault 18. Bernard Lefebvre 19. Jean-Marie Amalebondra 20. Alain Fontaine 21. Jacques Poirier.

1. Pello Sala 2. Jozef Vleugels 3. John Aserbire 4. Michel Groiselle 5. François Richard 6. Pascal Durand 7. Bill Moroney 8. Aloïs Schmid 9. Luc De L’Arbre 10. Gerry Murphy 11. Juan José Osés 12. Marc Beaudry 13. Romaric Bationo 14. Richard Kinlen 15. André Schaminée 16. Damien Watine 17. Serge St-Arneault 18. Bernard Lefebvre 19. Jean-Marie Amalebondra 20. Alain Fontaine 21. Jacques Poirier.

The session animated by André Schaminée, Pello Sala and François Richard took place in the renovated section of the Generalate while some repairs are still going on in other places such as the rooms above the dining room.

A total of 21 participants came from various parts of the world to learn the so called ‘Rudi’ software program which contain the overall database system of the Society; names of confreres, their appointments and other useful data. This will hopefully enable the Secretaries to share data while centralising them in the Office of the Secretariat in Rome.

The second topic on the agenda, meaning the archives, was presented by François Richard. The participants were given the chance to visit the documentations including old pictures and the first manuscripts signed by the Cardinal Lavigerie who is buried in the crypt under the main chapel.

A Gule Wamkulu sculpture from Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Mua, Malawi is in full view in the archives rooms making sure that everything is well kept!

Many thanks for this first ever session which as long overdue. Everyone was pleased to learn something new and to enjoy good food.

Death of the father of John Itaru, M.Afr in Zambia

John-Itaru-2014Dear confreres, I come through this email to inform you that my father Fabian Itaru Kavishe passed away today the 19th of March in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania. He was sick for relatively short time. I am in Lusaka Zambia and hopeful I will be heading to Tanzania within the next days.

I county on your prayers during this painful moment especially for my mother who must it very difficult to bear.

May his soul rest in Peace.

Fr. John Itaru, M.Afr

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