SAP_Pre-Cap_Nov_2015_02SAP Pre-Capitular Assembly took place in Mid-November 2015 at Kasisi Retreat Centre in Lusaka. Those who attended the meeting were Fons Vanden Boer, Remacle-Lamec Ciza, Deogratius Ngowi and Raymond McQuarry from South Africa. Then Robert Tebri, Michel Sanou, Paul Namono, Filiyanus Ekka and Simeon Kalore form Malawi, Julian Kasiya, Fidel Salazar del Muro, Jean-Bosco Nibigira and Boris Yabre from Mozambique, Norbert Nkingwa, Bernard Udelhoven, Benjamin Itungabose,  John Itaru, Adelarde Munishi, Patrice Sawadogo, Romaric Bationo, Francis Bomansaan, Venerato Babaine and the Provincial Stanley Lubungo from Zambia. The Animator was Luigi Morell and the Secretaries were Serge St-Arneault and Didasio Mwanza.

Most discussions took place in the main hall though five groups studied the content of SAP recommendations for the 2016 General Chapter.

The last day saw the confreres enjoying an outing at Chaminuka private Park situated is about 45 minutes from the venue of Kasisi. They enjoyed a time of relaxation exploring the environment were a variety of animals can we seen on the ground and by boats. Enjoy the pictures. Chaminuka is also well known for its artifacts, sculpture collections for all Africa (quite a few from West Africa), paintings and modern sculpture made out of cars’ spare parts.