FENZA Logo 2Topic: Where African and conventional medicine converge, if at all they do. A Discussion of the Importance of African medicine.

Date: 31/7/2015.  Time:  9:00 AM.   

Venue: FENZA. Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia, Off Leopards Hill Road, next to Radio Yatsani

Dear Sir/Madam,

Africa Traditional Medicine (ATM) has for centuries played a very important role in the treatment of various illnesses in Zambia and Africa at large. However it has faced a number of setbacks which has made it difficult for it to be officially and internationally recognised.

You have been identified as a key stake holder in the promotion of ATM and are therefore invited to attend a conference that will seek to explain the importance of ATM and how ATM can bring economic and health benefits to Zambia.

  1. Over view of the topic, by Fr Patrick Mumbi
  2. Where African and western medicine Converge, by Dr Muyangana Chrispin & Dr Getrude Mampwe
  3. Standards for African medicine: – ZABS, by Mr Saili Kelvin
  4. Patenting of African Medicine, by PACRA Representative
  5. Enhancing trade, training in traditional medicine. Participation in the global movement. Way forward. By Dr Chabinga