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Father Raphael Gasimba, M.Afr, new Parish Priest for Dombe, Mozambique.


By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire.

The Provincial of SAP, Felix Phiri, and our Provincial Delegate, Boris Yabré, were in Dombe on the 22nd January 2017, to witness the appointment of Raphael Gasimba as Parish Priest in replacement of Jean de Dieu Bukuru who has been appointed as Treasurer Delegate in Beira. Bishop Francis Don Silota of Chimoio presided the Eucharistic celebration and Boris Yabré read the letter of appointment in front of the parishioners. Symbolically, Jean de Dieu handed over his charges as Parish Priest to Raphael by removing his chasuble with the help of the Provincial. Then, they dressed up together Raphael who took over the liturgy. The Missionaries of Africa asked Our Lady of Africa to intercede for him and to protect him during his ministry by singing the “Sancta Maria”. The Provincial encouraged him in his new charge and congratulated both confreres for their service and their dedication to the mission in Dombe. “May the Good Shepherd help you and guide you in this mission,” he concluded.

Priestly ordination of Michael Mapulanga, Harrison Banda and Simon Mphana, OMI.

archbishop-jabulani-adatus-nxumani-saLet us pray for Michael Mapulanga, Harrison Banda and Simon Mphana, O.M.I. who will be ordained this coming Saturday, January 28 in South Africa. Micheal and Harrison are Zambian who have joint the diocesan clergy in the Archdiocese of Bloemfontein. They will be ordained by Right Reverend Archbishop Jabulani Adatus Nxumalo OMI.


Mafrwestafrica lettre du 19 janvier 2017

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Tout d’abord, une information intéressante : au 7 Janvier 2017 : Nous étions 1222 Missionnaires d’Afrique Moyenne d’âge 68 ans


« Sommet Afrique-France au Mali » deux parties dans cet article, l’annonce du sommet le 11 janvier, son évaluation le 15 janvier

« Burkina Faso, diverses actualités » : remaniement politique en vue, la venue proche du FESPACO, et des craintes de terrorisme (lire la suite)

« Soutien au président du Niger » allusion à la manifestation du 21 décembre, et à celle prévue pour le 13 janvier (lire la suite)

« Accord en Côte d’Ivoire » entre les mutins et le gouvernement : discussions plus complexes que prévues mais fructueuses (lire la suite)


« L’islam des tribus » un livre de Jacqueline Chabbi, des pages assez denses mais abordables pour tout lecteur intéressé par l’Islam et l’interreligieux (lire la suite)

« Le Père Chabanon écrit de l’Ouganda » notre confrère nous en envoie régulièrement et nous lui en sommes reconnaissants (lire la suite)

« Opérateurs pastoraux tués en 2016 » un texte pris sur le site de l’agence Fides du Vatican : 28 personnes tuées (lire la suite)

 Dialogue interreligieux

« Prière pour l’unité des chrétiens du 18 au 25 janvier » comme chaque année, avec le texte du pape à ce propos (lire la suite)

« Valorisation de la raison » sur le site de “Saphir News” (texte du 26 décembre 2016) – (lire la suite)
« Eduquer à la modération en religion » un article de Bénédicte Lutaud paru dans le Monde des religions du 22 décembre 2016 (lire la suite)

 Justice et Paix

 « Politique africaine de Barack Obama » les africains reprochent à Obama de ne s’être pas assez impliqué envers l’Afrique, mais les choses ne sont pas si simples qu’elles peuvent paraître (lire la suite)

« Qu’est-ce que le e-CFA ? » Le Sénégal sera le premier pays en Afrique de l’ouest à expérimenter le e-CFA. Servant ainsi de point zéro, si l’expérience est concluante, la monnaie sera étendue dans toute l’Afrique de l’ouest. (lire la suite)

« Journée mondiale des migrants et réfugiés (Pape François) » ce texte du pape insiste fortement sur les migrants mineurs (lire la suite)

Vu au Sud – Vu du Sud

« Nouveau gouvernement en Côte d’Ivoire » réélection de Guillaume Soro, avec quelques changement malgré tout (lire la suite)

« La situation au Congo (RDC) » nous consacrons pour une fois une page à ce pays d’Afrique Centrale où la situation est loin d’être simple (lire la suite)

« Yacouba Izaac Zida rayé des forces armées du Burkina » suite à sa fuite au Canada et à son refus de rejoindre son pays (lire la suite)

Death of Father Maurits de Weerdt’s, M.Afr, in Belgium.

Maurits_De WeerdtFather Luc Putzeys, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Belgium, informs you of the return to the Lord of Father Maurits De Weerdt on Wednesday the 11th of January 2017 at Antwerpen (Belgium) at the age of 81, of which 55 years of missionary life in Zambia and in Belgium. Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Belge, Father De Weerdt’s comes from Antwerpen.  Born on the 9th April 1935, he made his Oath in Totteridge, Englain, on the 11th July 1961 and was ordained priest in Heverlee on the 29th June 1962.

Many thanks to Piet van Heijst who informed the Office of the SAP Provincial Secretary about the death of Father De Weerdt’s. The funerals is taking place today.

Milestones of Father Maurits De Weerdt’s life.

Learning Chibemba in Ilondola (1962). Assistant Parish Priest in Chibote (1963). Assistant Parish Priest in Kasaba, Mansa (1965). Superior in Kasaba (1966). Superior in Chibote (1968). Regional Councillor (1969). Assistant Parish Priest in Kawambwa (1969). Superior in Kashikishi (1970). Regional Councillor (1972). Superior in Kawambwa (1973). Delegate at the Chapter (1974). Regional, Kasama (1975). Director at the Catholic Training Centre in Lubwe (1984). Session-Retreat in Jerusalem (1984). Catholic Training Centre in Lubwe in Mansa (1986). In Belgium (1989). Parish Priest in Kitwe, Mansa (1992). In Belgium (1995). Bangalore in India (2003). In Antwerpen, Belgium (2006). Ministry in Ndola (2008). In Belgium (2009). Ministry in Ndola (2010). Residence in Antwerpen, Belgium (2013).

Declaration of Intent of Innocent Matata Foto, Lumimba, Zambia

declaration-intent-lumimba-jan-2017By Fr. Mathew W. Banseh, M.Afr

Innocent Matata Foto renewed his Declaration of Intention to pursue his formation with the Missionaries of Africa on the Feast of the Epiphany at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish, Lumimba. From early hours, the Holy Childhood children group was singing and practising for Mass. 60 of them brought animation in the liturgy presided by Father Brendan O’Shea together with Father Camille Konkobo, representing the Provincial Delegate of Zambia, and Father Mathew W. Banseh.

In his homily, Fr. Brendan exhorted parents to take care of their children as they are a precious gift from God. He also asked the children to be obedient and respectful towards their parents just like Jesus was. He also invited Innocent Matata Foto to remain focused in his vocation journey and allow the signs of God to lead him like the Magi did in today’s Gospel. He used the occasion to explain the meaning of the habit of the Missionaries of Africa Innocent had put on; the gandura and burnous originally from North-Africa.

The declaration was pronounced in Chichewa and signed on the altar followed by a song of praise. A gathering followed in the evening to mark this joyful event animated by various dances and sharing of stories. It is our prayer that the Lord will guide Innocent on his vocation journey.

Editorial of Bishop Patrick Chisanga, OFM Conv.; “Ba Mishioni ba Lelo, Nifwe”.

Note from the webmaster of SAP Blog: We are pleased to share with you the editorial of Bishop Patrick Chisanga, OFM Conv. of Mansa Diocese published recently in their magazine. A special mention was given to the first missionaries who came to Zambia at Mambwe Mwela in 1891 as the Church of Zambia is celebrating its 125th anniversary. We are particularly touch with the aim of the diocese to enhance the faith and missionary spirit in the Youth.

Editorial of the Mansa Roundup magazine, volume 2, issue 6; Ba Mishioni ba Lelo, Nifwe”.

Rev. Patrick Chisanga Ordi Feb 2014 02bBy Bishop Patrick Chisanga, OFM Conv.

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, complements of the season.

Christmas is a festive season that draws our attention to ‘the coming of the Lord’; a season of gratitude for the Lord’s manifold salvific interventions in human history; a time of awareness of God’s continued saving presence; an intense period of preparation and waiting in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for all the graces we received during the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. As we open this new liturgical calendar, during which the Catholic Church in Zambia celebrates 125 years since the arrival of the first missionaries at Mambwe Mwela (1891) and nine years later (1900) at Lwali near Chibote mission. Let us give a fitting glory to the missionaries who planted the first seeds of faith that has gradually grown into the present day Mansa Diocese. Let us also pay tribute to the ancestors of our land for opening their hearts to receiving the Good News. It is now our turn to assume responsibility and be committed to the continued propagation of the Good News of Salvation, mercy, unity and embracing every one with Christ’s love.

Christ’s love is precisely the Vision we have set as a Diocese in the Strategic plan 2016-2021, entitled “Let down the nets for a catch” (Lk.5:4) which was launched on December 12, 2015, and expressed in terms of a commitment to promotion of spiritual, moral education, health and general empowerment of the people in the diocese through evangelisation using well-coordinated pastoral and integral human development programmes based on three thematic pillars, namely: Pastoral Care; Social Human Development; Financial Institutional capacity and Self sustainability. Thank you very much to all those who successfully realised the goals in their respective departments for the year 2016. Our general evaluation indicates that the Social and Human Development managed 75% of the planned activities, the Pastoral Care completed 54% while the Financial Institutional Capacity and self-sustainability area realised only 15% of the planned activities.

I strongly urge the departments in the third pillar to assess their poor performance and ensure that set goals are realised. I also ask all diocesan departments, institutions and parishes to:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the vision, Mission and Values of the Diocese
  2. Draw from the strategic plan activities which pertain to them and workout an implementation programme.

iii. Ensure that their own local plan realises and enhances the general orientation of the Diocese.

The implementation of the strategic plan will be done in the context of celebrating 125 and 116 years of Catholic Faith in Zambia and Mansa Diocese, respectively. The missionaries did their part; today the ball is in our court, ‘We are the Missionaries of Today’. ‘Ba Missioni balelo Nifwe’ is the theme I therefore propose to accompany the pastoral action of the Diocese with effect from Saturday 17 December, 2016 through to 25 November, 2017, during this period all parishes are expected to:

  1. Set up programmes of missionary formation and catechetical lessons on the history of the Catholic Church in Zambia, in Mansa Diocese and in their respective Parishes.
  2. Enhance the faith and missionary spirit in the Youth and Holy Childhood.

iii. Display banners of the Pastoral Theme and recite the prayer at the beginning of every Eucharistic celebration.

  1. Renovate and beautify the Church buildings and surroundings.
  2. Organise pilgrimages at local or deanery levels to the shrines of Divine Mercy (Lubwe) and or Santa Maria wa Mwelu (Chibote) in honour of missionaries.

As we begin the festive season, let us all be united, repeating with one voice the refrain of the early Christian Community: “Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus.” Let this be a year of life changing encounters with the Lord, deeper commitment to the vision, mission and values of our Diocese and indeed, a year of celebrating God’s Love and Mercy through the pioneer missionaries to our land. May we all pay heed to the Lord’s command to “Go therefore to the world and proclaim the Gospel to all creations” (Mk. 16:15), because Ba Mishioni ba Lelo, Nifwe”.

I seek your prayers and wish each one of you the grace and peace of the Lord “so that you may have life in abundance” (Jn.10:10). May our blessed Mother accompany us on our journey of faith as a Diocese.

Below; PDF file of the magazine.

mansa-roundup-logoCommunications Office Diocese of Mansa Plot 225, Cathedral Road Mansa, Zambia.

Office Email:

Mafrwestafrica lettre du 2 janvier 2017

Mafrwestafrica logoAujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site

Mais tout d’abord, meilleurs vœux pour l’année 2017 à toutes et à tous !


« Urbi et Orbi du pape François pour Noël 2016 » la présentation et l’accès au texte du pape à cette occasion. Un appel à la paix à méditer (lire la suite)

« Accueil des migrants à Fribourg » Meilleurs voeux de Fribourg, Africanum, avec quelques photos de la fête de Noël des Migrants organisée par le POINT D’ANCRAGE. (lire la suite)

« Nouvelle année selon le pape François » en abandonnant la logique des exceptions et des exclusions (lire la suite)

« Les vœux des présidents africains » un texte pris sur le site de R.F.I. et qui décrit la situation de quelques-uns des pays africains en question (lire la suite)


« La religion de l’amour » un texte d’un ami d’un des correspondants de notre site, particulièrement préoccupé par la paix des chrétiens en minorité dans le monde (lire la suite)

« L’Anniversaire » un conte qui pourrait dater de Noël de l’an 33 et qui met en scène les 4 évangélistes (lire la suite)

Dialogue interreligieux

« Daesh souhaite la victoire du populisme en Europe » : un retour à l’islam des origines entraînerait le renversement des dirigeants politiques et religieux du monde musulman avant de s’en prendre aux non musulmans (lire la suite)

« Initiative musulmane pour Noël » en Angleterre l’occasion de la fête de Noël, la mosquée de Londres-Est et le centre musulman  ont pris l’initiative de récolté des dons alimentaires et ont aidé les sans-abri (lire la suite)

« Un ou deux états au Proche Orient ? » est-il possible d’imaginer qu’il y ait bien un état palestinien et un  état israélien ? Cela ne semble guère possible (lire la suite)

Justice et Paix

« Algérie, terrorisme et santé » deux articles  sur « Jeune Afrique » à propos de la lutte antiterroriste et de questions au sujet d’un complément alimentaire (lire la suite)

« La française enlevée à Gao » le jour de Noël : encore aucune nouvelle, ni aucune revendication au sujet de l’enlèvement de cette travailleuse humanitaire (lire la suite)

« Daech sacrifie des enfants » comme cela a été le cas avec une fillette à Damas, utilisée pour attaquer un poste de police (lire la suite)

« Message du pape pour la 50ème journée mondiale de la paix » le texte date du 8 décembre mais a été communiqué le 1er janvier 2017 (lire la suite)

Vu au Sud – Vu du Sud

« Le Burkina après l’attaque de Nassoumbou » dans la province de Soum, région du Sahel : renforcement des mesures de sécurité dans la capitale (lire la suite)

« Côte d’Ivoire / Guinée » entre ces deux pays, un ancien litige frontalier ressurgit à Kpéaba et crée des tensions entre les deux pays (lire la suite)

« Sécurisation frontière Burkina – Togo » des responsables des deux pays se sont rencontrés pour sécuriser les personnes et les biens au niveau des frontières (lire la suite)

Monastery of Our Lady Queen and Gate of Heaven, Chipata, Zambia.

monastery-in-chipata-08Surrounded by hills and valleys, the monastery offers a beautiful natural environment elevating the souls by its beauty. Started in 2009, the construction of the facilities took five years to be completed. Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri, still Parish Priest at that time, trained the first three Sisters namely Srs. Benedicta Chanda from Lusaka, Mary Lourdes Mukosa from Kitwe and Stefania Banda from Lusaka. In 2003, they went to the island of Ste Lucia in the Caribbean’s (Central America) to the Mother House Monastery as postulants. Today, they are back to Zambia enjoying their ministry together with Sister Giovanna Mabunda from Livingstone and Sister Emmanuela Nadin from Martinique. Four more Sisters are in their formation years. The first profession of the first three Sisters took place at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus in Lusaka in 2006 when the decision to build a monastery in Zambia was taken by the Abbess Marianna Pinto.

The primary vocation of the monastery is prayer, four times a day, and hospitality under the motto ORA ET LABORA (prayer & work). Everyone is welcomed to visit the monastery, lay or religious. Accommodation is offered for 200 kwacha per night, including meals. A conference hall with internet connection is available for groups and liturgical vestments are on sale from the Good Shepherd Sisters of Minga.

PDF FILE, historical background: monastic-foundation-in-zambia

Contact: P.O. Box 510481, Msupadzi, Chipata, Zambia. Phone: (260) 96-554-6265. WhatsApp: 096-463-1284. E-mail:





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