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Newsletter South Africa No 62 – 29th April 2016

Newsletter South Africa No 62 titleGreetings! I hope you are keeping well and that this month has been an occasion to reflect and pray more on your vocation. On April 17, the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Church celebrated the 53rd World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This year’s theme was: “The Church, Mother of Vocations”. Pope Francis wrote: ‘Each vocation in the Church has its origin in the compassionate gaze of Jesus.’ The Church – and don`t forget: you/we are the Church – is where vocations take their root. Pope Francis also writes in his message for Vocation Sunday: Vocations are born within the Church… Vocations grow within the Church… and… Vocations are sustained by the Church. If you belong to a lively and prayerful parish, you can discover your vocation in the context of that community: get involved in it and have regular contacts with your priest. Are you active in your parish community? Are you committed in helping its growth in one way or the other? If you find that your parish is not lively enough, talk with your priest and with elders of your community, get other youths together and DO something about it! This is a good way to be a missionary!

From 25th to 27th of this month, I went to Thohoyandou in Limpopo to enquire and learn more about the life and death of Blessed Benedict Daswa. Indeed, last year when he was beatified on 13th September 2015, I was not able to go. I was very lucky to stay over with Blessed Benedict’s cousin who knew him very well. On the second day, we were joined by Sister Claudette, who, with a team of lay people, worked very hard to promote Benedict’s beatification. With the two of them, I had the chance to visit all the places where Benedict lived, taught and became a headmaster. We celebrated Mass in the small church which he built with the help of his learners and the local Christians. I met also many members of his family, some of his children and especially his dear mother who is now 90 years old. Blessed Daswa left a very memorable souvenir in the minds and hearts of most people not only of his area, but also of the whole of South Africa. He was a real saint who lived his catholic faith to the end, even to accepting death. He always fought for truth, and we all know that he died for having opposed witchcraft which causes so much harm in society.

Newsletter South Africa No 62 picturebWhat is interesting about Benedict is that he was a very ordinary boy who grew up in a remote village of Limpopo in a very loving family; he was baptised as a catholic only when he was 17 years old he became a teacher, got married and fathered eight children. He became a real leader in his village, always guided by his catholic faith in action, and not only in words. He had a great love for all people, especially the youth whom he trained to become real good Christians and citizens. He can be a real inspiration and role model for each one of us. Pray through his intercession; ask him to help you discover your Christian vocation.

Keep well and keep smiling! God bless you! Fr. Michael Meunier, M.Afr

Eur-Echo May 2016

Euro-Echo May 2016Euro-Echo May b2016



Seminar for couples over 25 years of marriage, St. Anne’s parish, Kasama, April 2016.


By Lawrence Tukamushaba

“The Church is commissioned to proclaim the mercy of God, the beating heart of the gospel which in its own way must penetrate the heart and mind of every person,” Pope Francis (The Face of Mercy). What kind of pastoral initiatives can we implement to make the Jubilee Year of Mercy felt in our Parish? We reflected upon this question in our pastoral team meetings. Many initiatives were proposed such as organising seminars for different groups and encouraging people to deepen their sacramental life, especially the sacrament of reconciliation and matrimony.

Indeed, many marriages are in crisis. With the help of Marriage Encounter, the pastoral team put in place a seminar for couples who have been married for 25 years or more. The renewal of their matrimonial vows took place on the second Sunday of Easter or the Divine Mercy Sunday.

With great enthusiasm and excitement, over sixty couples from St. Anne’s Parish main Centre registered for the seminar which took place on the 2nd April. One couple celebrated its 64th years of marriage. For most of them, it was their first seminar ever as couples. They had a chance to share their life experience. It was also a time to look back with gratitude and look at the future with hope.

The renewal of their marriage vows took place at Mass presided by Luc Antaya, M.Afr. In view of everyone, they repeated their love and life commitment for each other. Some refreshments were provided after Mass and a few souvenir pictures taken. The “under 25” are waiting for their great day too. “May pastors [….] be diligent in calling back the faithful to the throne of grace, that they may receive mercy and find grace,” Pope Francis (The face of Mercy, No. 18).

Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 17 avril 2016

Mafrwestafrica logoAujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site :

 Dans la rubrique « Actualités » :
« Wilbert Gobbo, docteur en théologie » le père Gobbo, Tanzanien, vient de réussir sa thèse en théologie et nous sommes heureux de publier quelques photos(lire la suite)
« Nouvelles de Mauritanie », publication de la dernière lettre du diocèse de Nouakchott(lire la suite)
« Lettre de Laghouat Ghardaia, mars 2016. » les dernières nouvelles de ce diocèse dont notre confrère Mgr Claude Rault est l’évêque(lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Témoignages » :
« Nouvelles de Tema Bokin » un texte envoyé par le curé de cette paroisse du diocèse de Kaya, paroisse qui va fêter son cinquantenaire (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Dialogue interreligieux » :
« Islam et christianisme » la présentation de deux livres et une allusion au fait que Marie est vénérée par l’Islam et le christianisme comme Vierge et Mère de Jésus. (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Justice et Paix » :
« Protection des enfants » le Père Stéphane Joulain, qui est maintenant à Rome, y est « Coordinateur à l’Intégrité du Ministère ».
 (lire la suite)
« Le Pape François et les migrants » tout particulièrement lors de sa visite toute récente en Grèce, le pape pose des gestes significatifs (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Vu au sud, vu du sud » :
« Le Tchad » et les nouvelles prises sur le site de RFI au sujet des élections qui y sont contestées par une partie de la population. (lire la suite)
« Les premiers africains chez les Missionnaires d’Afrique » un article publié par le Père Dominique Arnauld dans Voix d’Afrique n° 110 (lire la suite)
« Eglise d’Afrique du Nord et Subsaharienne » les mouvements de population ne sont sans doute pas étrangers au fait que la prochaine conférence de la CERNA se tiendra au Sénagal (lire la suite)


Death of the brother of our confrere René Garand

My brother Claude Garand pass away on 6th April of a cardiac arrest, please remember him and his family in your prayers. Bro René Garand

Claude GarandÀ son domicile, le 6 avril 2016, est décédé à l’âge de 74 ans, Monsieur Claude Garand, époux de Claire Beaudet, domicilié à Victoriaville. Les funérailles auront lieu le lundi 11 avril 2016 à 11h à la chapelle du Salon funéraire. Monsieur Claude Garand laisse dans le deuil, son épouse Claire Beaudet, ses enfants : Alain Garand conjoint de Mélanie Tanguay, Jean Garand, Pierre Garand, François Garand, ses petits-enfants : Geneviève, Marie-Danielle, Ismael. Monsieur Claude Garand laisse également dans le deuil ses frères et ses sœurs, ses beaux-frères et belles-sœurs, ainsi que plusieurs autres parents et amis. Il était le frère de notre confrère René Garand

Invitation card for the Missionary Oath in Jerusalem, April 16, 2016.

Final Oath Jerusalem April 2016From Hervé Tougma.

I am sending you our invitation card for the Missionary Oath that is taking place next week on 16th April in Jerusalem in the presence of Fr Jos Van Boxtel, M.Afr. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Death of Archbishop Emeritus of Beira, Mgr Jaime Pedro Gonçalves

Jaime Pedro Gonçalves Archbishop Emeritus of Beira_JPEGOpening of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima MurraçaThis morning at 01:30 in a clinic in Beira, Jaime Pedro Gonçalves Archbishop Emeritus of Beira, died after a long illness. May he rest in peace.

Morreu esta noite às 01:30 na clínica Avicenna, Jaime Pedro Gonçalves, Arcebispo Emérito da Beira. Paz a Sua Alma.

Picture of the right: Opening of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima Murraça

By Hugh Seenan, M.Afr

Jaime Pedro Gonçalves died today 6th Abril at 79 years of age in hospital in Beira after a long illness. Born 26th November 1936 in Nova Sofala in Beira Province, he studied in Zobue in the Junior Seminary directed by the Missionaries of Africa. He then went to the Major Seminary in Lourenço Marques e Namaacha and made further studies in Canada (Antigonish) and Rome.

Jaime Pedro Gonçalves

He completed forty years as Bishop last week, Easter Monday, but was too sick to participate in the special mass. He was the major player in bringing the two sides to the negotiating table in Rome in the first Civil War which led to the signing of the Peace Accords of the 4th October 1992.  He was very involved in the preparations of the first Extraordinary Synod for Africa, as a Vice-President of SECAM for the Portuguese language.

With the Missionareis of Africa at the handing over of Murraça_2With the Missionaries of Africa at the handing over of Murraça.

Extract from the book entitled “Attracted to Conflict: Dynamic Foundations of Destructive Social Relations”:

Extract Attracted to ConflictExtract from Review Essay – Conflict in Southern Africa

“Mozambique’s peace agreement constitutes a rarity in conflict resolution, namely, as one of the few cases where the initiative, the pace, and the resolve of negotiations were determined not by diplomats but by the offices of the men and women of good will from Sant’Egidio, a Catholic lay order in Rome’s Trastever district and by the clairvoyance and determination of a formerly imprisoned Mozambican Catholic Bishop, Jamie Pedro Goncalves, Archbishop of Beira. Ending Mozambique’s War is a detailed account of the negotiations that led to peace and eventually to democratic elections in Mozambique in 1993.” READ MORE ON THIS PDF FILE

Death of the elderly brother of our stagiaire Armand Bamouni.

Armand-Bamouni-2014On Saturday evening the 2nd April, Brother Armand Bamouni received the sad news of the passing away of his elder brother Edmond, third born in the family. Edmond had been sick for a while. He sadly passed away in early hours of Saturday morning and was laid to rest in the evening of the same day. Kindly keep Armand and his family in your prayers. May the soul of his brother Edmond rest in eternal peace.

Message sent by Deacon Douglas, Serenje community, Zambia.

Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 1er avril 2016

Mafrwestafrica logoAujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site :

Dans la rubrique « Actualités » : « Baobab Echos n° 25 » la dernière édition du bulletin de la Province d’Afrique de l’Ouest (lire la suite)

« Liste des confrères travaillant dans la Province d’Afrique de l’Ouest » au mois de mars 2016, ainsi que leurs téléphones et adresses internet(lire la suite)

« Liste actualisée des confrères originaires de la P.A.O. » avec un lien pour avoir accès aux adresses internets et téléphones portables (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Témoignages » : « Albert Kondemodre, diacre » le témoignage de l’un des trois diacres originaires de la PAO, qui termine ses études à Merrivale en Afrique du Sud (lire la suite)

« Année spirituelle à Bobo-Dioulasso », un texte de l’un des formateurs présents dans cette maison de formation à Samagan (lire la suite)

« 24 mars, journée des martyrs », un texte pris sur l’Agence « Fides » et qui parle de cette journée choisie pour faire mémoire des missionnaires martyrs (lire la suite)

« Lettre d’Algérie du Père Aldo Giannasi » qui explique le travail qui est le sien et témoigne de la présence bien évidente de missionnaires venant de la P.A.O, qu’il s’agisse de sœurs ou de prêtres.(lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Dialogue interreligieux » : « Sur le site de l’ARCRE » trois articles pris sur le site de l’Action pour la Rencontre des Cultures et des Religions en Europe (lire la suite) 

« Sérénité dans un dialogue en vérité » trois articles ayant pour source le journal « La Croix » (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Justice et Paix » : « Comment vivre en produisant du lait ? » un nouvel article sur le site « » qui fait prendre conscience de l’exploitation des producteurs laitiers. (lire la suite)

Dans la rubrique « Vu au sud, vu du sud » : « Milices populaires au Burkina » sur le site du journal « Le Monde » cet article parlant des milices populaires dans les campagnes du Burkina. (lire la suite)

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