UNSEEN WORLDS, Dealing with Spirits, Witchcraft, and Satanism

Unseen Worlds 01“This book is dedicated to all those who experience evil or ambivalent spiritual powers in their lives. In a special way, I dedicate it to the people who have shared with me and with our pastoral groups their inner experiences with such powers. They have proven that encounters with these forces do not need to lead to suspicions, accusations, fear and despair. This book is a witness that they can lead to growth, reconciliation, and to a wider sense of belonging.”

Those are the words of the author, Bernhard Udelhoven, M.Afr, who has just published an outstanding book of 453 pages on a very difficult but increasingly important subject in today’s life in Zambia. Themes such as spirits, devil, power, deliverance, prayer, ritual, witchcraft, Satanism, inculturation and the charismatic Church, are abundantly studied in the book. It is a masterpiece that every pastoral worker should read.

How to help people affected by witchcraft or demons. How to intervene when witchcraft accusations rip communities apart. How to help pupils who claim contact with occult forces. 

Bernhard Udelhoven 03Already available at the price of 100 Zambian Kwacha, the book will officially be launch at a later date which will be announced in due time. Please contact FENZA or the Office of the Secretariat of the Missionaries of Africa in Woodlands, Lusaka.

By Bernhard Udelhoven, M.Afr, FENZA Publication, Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia, Lusaka, 2015.

Click on the following picture to order the book on Internet. Then, simply click on “Add to Cart” and follow the normal procedure. Enjoy the reading.

Unseen Worlds createspace.com pageSee also the following link: 



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  1. Theresa Sikateyo

    Congratulations and well done for the great works. We look forward to reading the book.

  2. Freeborn Kibombwe, O.M.I.

    Great contribution on “religion by day and religion by night!”

  3. Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, M.Afr

    Well done Zambia, well done Bernard!
    Serge could you ensure I get a copy as soon as possible? Extend my congratulations to FENZA and Bernard. Bonne fête. Adrien

  4. John Chomba Mubanga, M.Afr

    Thank you for the piece of information about the new book.

  5. Charles Obanya, M.Afr

    Congratulations Bernhard for your contribution in this important area of evangelization.


    Congratulations ba Wesu, I cant wait to read such book which will be a tool for our evangelisation.

  7. Sr,Fiona Maanya.

    Thank you for the information which is greatly needed in our society today for the Missionary spirit of spreading the Gospel.

  8. nella

    Very interesting.

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