Some news of Jean-Louis Godinot (Mpundu) who was attacked by a crocodile in December 2014.

Jean-Louis GodinotAs some might have heard, I was caught by a crocodile on the 20th December. I was taken three times to the bottom of the river which I was crossing swimming. Fortunately, I managed to pierce one eye of my enemy, which left me with a left hand in very bad condition. I was very lucky to survive.

In the hospital of Kasama, they did not realize that there were some smashed and dislocated bones. I got plenty of injections and antibiotics. But it was not enough as an infection started. When we could make a new radiography, the doctor discovered the disaster and told me that I was starting a ‘scepticemy’ (general infection of the blood) and that I could get as well a ‘osteite’ (infection of the bones). I was advised to go home.

Crocodile-farm-August-2014-12I left Lua-Luo for Lusaka on the 7th January. The following day, I was admitted in the afternoon in a hospital specialized in the traumatisms of the hand. I was operated on the 11thJanuary. I was told that there was a possibility of cutting my index. But they succeeded to keep it. They could remove all the smashed bones, which were in a bath of pus. I could leave the hospital on 16th January and be taken care by one of my sisters who is a nurse. Antibiotics, pain killers and five injections a day. And many exercises for re-education.

I will visit Patrick Bataille in Paris on the 9th February. Then, I went on the 29th January for a review. They could remove the stiches. But they want me to be still on antibiotics (oral and injections) till the 16th February. Then, 2 weeks without antibiotics and new visit at the hospital on the 3rd March.

I was very disappointed, I had hoped to be back in Zambia beginning of February. But the doctors will not let me go before they are sure there is no danger of a new infection of the blood or of the bones. They are still ‘cultivating’ in laboratory the germs they found. Crocodiles do not brush often their teeth!

Right now, I am at my twin brother’s place (the doctor). Then I will go to visit my other brothers and sisters, as long as I can get my injections.

Here, it is cold and we have snow. I feel sorry for my confreres of Lua-Luo, for the students, especially those of St-Matthew’s team: Paul, Bishop, Cyprian, Gildas and Edmond. I should be back around the 8th March.

Greetings to all of you, and many thanks for your prayers,

 Jean-Louis / Mpundu. (I might be without internet from time to time…)


St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Zolozolo, Mzuzu, Malawi


UNSEEN WORLDS, Dealing with Spirits, Witchcraft, and Satanism


  1. Charles Obanya, M.Afr

    Mwaculeni Ba Godinot. God bless you with long life.
    Fraternally, Charles

  2. The Poor Clares Lusaka

    We have just received your e-mail bring to us the pathetic news of your Confrere still undergoing treatment in France. We thank God with you all for saving his life. We join you in praying for his complete recovery.
    With prayerful wishes,
    Poor Clare Sisters in Lusaka, Zambia

  3. Sawadogo Mamadou, M.Afr

    Indeedi ndimwe Kasakula mpanga naamenshi omwe. Twatotela Lesa pakumipususha.
    Comment vas tu mon cher frère Mpundu? Je ne sais plus trop si je dois dire “quelle joie de te lire” vue les circonstances de l’échange. Mais je me réjouis de te savoir mis hors de danger. Dieu merci. Ton harmonie avec la Nature du Luapula est telle que la rivière ne pouvait accepter une telle injustice. Prends bien soins de toi. Te connaissant, tu iras rechercher ce crocodile borgne! Christ te bénisse et te guide.

  4. Oh Fr.! This is my first time to read of a story like this. Sorry for what had happened. I join everyone in praying for your speedy recovery.

  5. Levi Goodwell

    Very sorry to our great fisherman at Lua-Luo (Mpundu). My god continue helping him for his recovery.

  6. Jimenez Maralf

    Quick recover my dear Jean-Louis… we will keep you in prayers…

  7. Fr. Baptiste Mapunda, M.Afr

    Ba mpundu, mwaculeni na mwapusukeni. BY jbmapunda Tunda la kanisa

  8. John William Nkhoma

    very sorry ba mpundu! wish you a quick recovery!


    Cher Jean-Louis, sorry and hoping and praying that you recover fully. Fraternally, Gerard Chabanon

  10. Theunis Guy

    C’est seulement aujourd’hui que j’apprends la nouvelle.
    Nous sommes de coeur avec toi,
    Guy Theunis et les confrères de Jérusalem

  11. Hello, my name is Brandon Sideleau and I, along with Dr. Adam Britton, run the CrocBITE crocodilian attack database and I noticed that Jean-Louis Godinot attempted to create an account with us in December to log his attack. We are in the process of moving the site to a new server and ironing out technical issues with account creation, but we are still logging new attacks as they come in (both online and in an Excel database) and we would love it if Jean-Louis Godinot could tell us the details of his encounter and we will log it into the database with him listed as the contributor. My email is He can contact me or contact CrocBITE. We would like as many details as possible- date, activity when attacked, croc size estimate, river/water-body name, village, district, province, time, injuries inflicted, etc. Thank you! – Brandon Sideleau

  12. jean Ronayette

    Cher Jean Louis, il faut le faire; lutter avec un crocodile. On ne nous apprend pas cela dans notre formation !!! Que le Seigneur te garde avec tous tes membres. Tu en as encore besoins pour tout ce qu’il veut faire à travers toi. Moi même je suis en France pour des soins plus ordinaires (cataracte, dents …). Je reviens sur Paris demain en début d’après midi, je serais heureux de te rencontrer. Peut être à très bientôt et très fraternellement. Jean Ronayette.

  13. Donatien

    Maybe the crocodile wasn’t happy with you as you were fishing its prey! Sorry for your health. Quick recovery, BAMPUNDU. Donatien

  14. Ellen Munn Franciscam Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood fmdm

    Dear Jean-Louis Fr Mpundu Thank God for your presence of mind when it happened or we would have lost you to eternal life too soon! Get well soon and we pray that your hand will improve rapidly. Best regards,
    Sr Ellen fmdm Lusaka

  15. Bríd O'Sullivan

    Dear Jean -Louis Fr Mpundu what a story I am sorry to hear your frighting news! I pray you will soon be fit to return to Zambia. My friends here in Ireland are shocked by the story.
    Peace and good wishes.
    Bríd fmdm

  16. wim wouters

    Dear JeanLouis. We mwaice wandi. Cine cine, nsakaleke ukumwibukisha mu filoto fyanid kabili na mu masali yandi. Kwena, mwalipusuka. Never, I repeat, never do that again. Keep away from crocks. Stay close to friends who really care about you. You are not so young anymore, shikulu. I hope you will soon be back in Lualuo. not to brag about your feat (picking an eyball from a crocodile) but to be thankful for being allowed another couple of years where you belong.
    Shalpo umutende, Lenga mukulu engalamusunga umutende.

    Nashala nine, fwata Chola. (wim wouterswf)

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