Political Violence in Livingstone parliamentary by-election, Zambia

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Dear all,
In the event of the unfortunate happenings in Livingstone, find here forwarded to you the attached statement. We hope to issue a stronger statement after getting some informed feedback from our staff who are currently on the ground and analysing issues behind the violent incidents which clearly do not auger well for our young and growing democracy.
With many prayers and kind regards in this holy season of Lent. Let us therefore continue to pray for our country. At the same time, let us all unite in praying for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who will freely renounce and leave the Petrine Office today for the greater good of the Church he truly loves. How one wishes that the same humility, prudence, wisdom and strength of character could be imbued in our political leaders who are unfortunately thriving on fighting for and trying to keep the instruments of power at the expense of the common good.
Fr. Cleophas Lungu (Secretary General – ZEC)
Political Violence in Livingstone parliamentary by-election, Zambia

PRESS STATEMENT from Three Church Mother Bodies of Zambia

“Happy are the peacemakers: they shall be called children of God” (Mt 5:9)
We, the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), and the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC), are extremely disturbed and greatly saddened by the violence and loss of precious life in the heat of the recent campaigns for the Livingstone parliamentary by-election. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased and all victims of violence. At the same time, we condemn in the strongest terms possible, any form political and electoral violence.
We further wish to appeal for calm and maximum restraint from the various political parties in Livingstone and also from the Zambia Police Service. It is incumbent on all of us not to do or say anything that might worsen an already volatile situation.
This is not the time for finger-pointing. What is needed now is for all stakeholders to do some serious soul-searching: Is this the level our politics has come to? Is this the path we want to pursue in our democratic dispensation?
Let us then commit this great nation to prayer. And may God bless us all!
Issued on 27th February, 2013 in Lusaka by the undersigned;
Rev. Suzanne Matale(General Secretary – CCZ)
Rev. Pukuta N. Mwanza (Executive Director – EFZ)
Fr. Cleophas Lungu (Secretary General – ZEC)


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  1. We may like him or not, we may agree or disagree with Pope Benedict’s views, but in my opinion, we have to admire a decision that places the good of the Catholic Church above his personal prestige.

  2. mafrsaprovince

    Posted with the authorisations of Fr. Kashimoto and Fr. Chungu

    The incident makes sad reading and situation calls upon each one of us to seriously reflect on our attitude towards our political alliances. Livingstone is just the beginning, and if we do not together take steps to make Zambia a non-violent nation more lives are likely to be lost.
    God bless Mother Zambia and kindly protect from selfish people!
    Fr. Daniel Kashimoto
    To my Brother priests, Religious, and God’s people,
    I also conquer with Fr. Kashimoto we ought to seriously reflect and especially for us who are in the leadership of serving the faithful people of God.
    As a nation we cannot afford such events of losing human life due to political leaders failing to show tolerance of divergent views. As a Church I would presume we need to stand united in prayer and also continue to be the voice of reason regardless of our political preferences but rather urge the One Justice; One equality; One good governance for the One common good of the citizenry to prevail and in turn to be able to live side by side without any political intimidation, harassment by state security agencies, nor compromise of the democratic principles of choice by every citizen to either belong or associate themselves with particular organizations or voice their own opinion any matter that concerns our beloved nation.
    We cannot afford our beloved country to become a case study about Africa’s failed State of Affairs. We used to hear of political violence in other countries but today it is right in our own back yards. Our own families, relatives, friends are at the centre of these wanton behaviour of perpetuating violence in our country. It is seemingly becoming a “culture” that whenever there is by-election life should be lost! “Evil thrives when good men and women do nothing”.
    It is time that we show leadership and hold firm in The Lord especially this time of Lent which calls us to serious prayer, fasting and almsgiving; above all to seek God’s forgiveness and strength to continue serving him. Lent season also challenges us to revive our Faith in Action.
    May The Lord continue to bless our beloved great nation and restore our country’s known values as a beacon of peace and hope to so many countries in Africa and the world.
    Fr. Peter Chungu

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