Dreams_Fenza_bookDREAMS. Where do Biblical, Zambian, and Western Approaches Meet? First book published by FENZA (Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia), Lusaka. January 2013. With contributions from Gotthard Rosner, Bernard Udelhoven and Patrick Mumbi.

What does the Bible say about dreams? What do Zambian cultures say? And how does this all mix with Western psychology? Dreams are important in Zambia. Yet when Christians try to find meaning in their dreams, they have to juggle with very different worldviews. This book is written for all who have an interest in dreams, from the perspectives of Zambian cultural traditions, psychology and theology. It clarifies some important issues and is of special benefit for those who help people in the pastoral field to deal with compelling dreams experiences.

Available at FENZA at the cost of ZR 40.