A Woman Like Mum

How Customs and Popular Sayings Contribute to A Woman Like Mum front pagethe Discrimination and Violence Against Women

by Evans K. Chama, M.Afr, Printed by Montfort Media, Balaka, Malawi, 2011Evans K. Chama

Contents: 1. What is Gender Equality? 2. Can there be Gender Equality in Marriage? 3. The Image of Women and Their Work 4. Raising a Female Child Today 5. I Will Marry a Woman Like Mum 6. How Much Does Your Daughter Cost? 7. My Wife, A Maize Field? 8. Women’s Dependence on Men 9. Love Potions, Are Women Just Nasty? 10. Romance 11. If Your Husband Does Not Beat You… 12. Why The Silence When Abused? 13. What Does Being a Widow Entail? 14. Property Grabbing: A Mere Criminal Act? 15. Approach to Gender Equality.

The wind of change is blowing, sending waves tossing up and down stirring up what has existed undisturbed for centuries. In this rousing the world is being hatched from its centuries-old shell to new birth. We are in the time of awakening, maturing too perhaps. Once again we are challenged to take distance from our own cultures and traditions, our own identity, in order to reflect in a disinterested way on our society and on ourselves. Certainty we marvel at our beauty that often overflows unnoticed, yet still, we also realise there is some mopping up to do somewhere. (…)

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Priest takes on the inequality of women in African tradition

A WOMAN LIKE MUM: Reviewed by Mphuthumi Ntabeni
Zambian-born Fr Evans Chama’s book, A Woman Like Mum: How Customs and Popular Sayings Contribute to the Discrimination and Violence Against Women, is apt for our country and times.




Act justly and walk humbly with your God

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  1. Umwina Mbulo

    Ba Fr Evans Chama’s, I had some time to read your book, A Woman Like Mum. It is good. I wish I was a good writer like you. Please write more, your two books I have passed through are very good and down to earth.

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