Declaration of Intent of Martin Somda in South Africa – 18th January 2015

Martin Somda 2014Greetings from South-Africa! Hoping you have all entered very well in the New Year. I am Martin Somda stagiaire in Henley parish, South Africa. I would like to let you know that I will be doing the renewal of my declaration of intent on the coming Sunday the 18th January. It will be done at the parish in the presence of the confrères around and parishioners. Phillipe Docq, Delegate Superior of South Africa Sector, will be the one receiving my renewal of declaration of intent. I recommend myself to your prayers as elders in the M.Afr Society and support for a fruitful time of formation.

Martin Somda, Stagiaire, Henley parish, South Africa


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  1. John Amona, M.Afr

    Good luck Somda andGod bless your desire for the missionary life. John Amona, M.Afr

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