Death of Piet van Heijst’s sister

We share with you a message addressed to Felix Kamunenge, Parish Priest in Kitwe.
Piet_van_Heijst_02Dear Felix,
As you know, by the SMS I send you, my sister passed away very quietly this morning (27th December) at 6.00hrs (in Zambia 7.00hrs). On Sunday, when I arrived, was the last day that she was still conscious enough to know who were there. On Monday, we are not sure if she really recognized me. Since that day she has been unconscious but quiet. Her youngest daughter and husband were there this morning when she died.
I have been with her every day for a few hours and the last time was yesterday afternoon. It has been good so but it remains painful to miss my sister who has been so good to me where I spend the most of my home leaves.
About the funeral arrangements I will hear this afternoon. I thank all of you for the support you gave me when to decide to go or not. Remaining united and greetings to all parishioners.
Piet van Heijst, M.Afr
Let us pray for Piets’ sister and her family.


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  1. Evariste Some

    I am united with you Piet and your entire family. May your Sister rest in peace!
    Evariste Some, M.Afr

  2. John Amona

    Dear Piet Va Heijst,
    Though far away we are with you in spirit as brothers. We pray that the Lord will give her peaceful rest in his eternal kingdom.
    John Amona, M.Afr

  3. Didasio Mwanza

    My condolences Piet. May her soul rest in Peace. I keep you and the whole family in my prayers.

  4. Roy Jules

    Dear Piet. Please accept my most sincere sympathies at the occasion of the death of your dear sister. Here, in our community in Ndola, we have offered our mass for her intention and those of all your family. May the Lord receive her in his home. Be assured that we keep you in our prayers in order that you receive from the Lord consolation and strength. United in prayers.

  5. David Cullen

    Dear Piet. Here at Kalongwezi, we will certainly ask the Lord to be with you and your family as to share with your sister the great joy the Lord has surely being preparing for her.

  6. John C. Mubanga

    Pole Piet. May the almighty God bless and protect the family remaining. And may the soul of our beloved sister rest in eternal peace of Christ.
    John C. Mubanga

  7. Alphonse-Marie Byshimo

    Our condolences Piet. We will keep your family in our prayers during this difficult time. May she rest in Peace.

  8. Fr. John Sinkala

    My condolences! I am with you in my prayers.

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