Jan-De-Groef-2013_modifié-1Dear friends,
Another Christmas. What is the difference with last year’s? Is there more peace and happiness in the world and in South Africa? I would say ‘not’, looking at the present situation: civil war in Syria, ongoing turmoil in Libya and Egypt, no real peace yet in Soudan even after the division …. And so on. Also South Africa is still plagued with the same evil of bad governance resulting in many service delivery protests and corruption highlighted by an ecumenical campaign in which also the Catholic Church in South Africa joined. The second African Synod came out with a strong invitation for justice, peace and reconciliation but it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. In former president Nelson Mandela, who passed away just recently, we had an icon of leadership – together with some of his other companions in the struggle against apartheid – and a beacon of light, but, unfortunately many of the present leaders do not follow suit.
What is then the good news about this Christmas? It is about the Christ-child born in Bethlehem lovingly received by Mary and Joseph, opening his arms to embrace the whole world. FULL LETTER