New Website of St. Lawrence Home of Hope

St. Lawrence Home of HopeNew Website of St. Lawrence Home of Hope
St. Lawrence Home of Hope is a centre for the homeless children and youth where we receive and give shelter to the homeless that are found on the streets of Lusaka.
It has a dual purpose:
1. A rehabilitation centre where we offer a new home and a new start for the children.
2. It is a “half-way home” where we intend to re-integrate the children back in their families, back to their real” homes and main stream society.
The centre was founded in 1998 by the Catholic Women’s League of Lusaka at the request of the then Archbishop of Lusaka. R.R. Medardo Mazombwe. The project was put in their hands in order to respond to the growing numbers of “street children” in Lusaka. They are in charge of advocacy, sourcing funds, developing infrastructure and taking care of the running costs.  From its inception the Catholic Parish of Good Shepherd was involved in its establishment, development and running of it as it was within the boundaries of the parish. The first basic structures were built within the property of St. Lawrence Community Centre which was part of the Good Shepherd Parish which, in turn, is in the hands of The Missionaries of Africa.
Our goal is to rescue children from the vicious circle of homelessness (street-drugs-abuse-crime), rehabilitate them and their families and to re-integrate them back into their home environment (when and if possible).
The Website includes:
How do we do it?
Children’s Stories


Fighting Genocide and a Crime against Humanity: Cardinal Lavigerie and the African Slave Trade


Good Friday in pictures at St. Lawrence Parish, Lusaka


  1. Sr. Vicky

    Hi, I’m interested party but can’t get the vision, mission and goals clearly. Could you please help me out?

  2. Listo Naliti

    Hi, if I want to donate some sanitaries like pads for girls how do I go about it. We are a group of youth with the mission to help out the less privileged and in terms of different sanitaries and other help we can to them.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    • mafrsaprovince

      Your message was forwarded to Home of Hope who will get in touch with you, hopefully! Thanks.

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