11 KasambaBeing part of Mansa diocese, Kasamba was started as a parish in April 1997 with 28 outstations. Before it, Kasamba was periodically visited by three confreres who resided temporarily in Lubwe: Jean-Louis Godinot, Bernhard Udelhoven and Martin Grenier. Between 2001 and 2009, pastoral life saw ups and downs due to the lack of personnel. This is the reason why Father Nicolas Mumbi, diocesan priest, was appointed to Kasamba to boost the pastoral team from September 2009 to January 2011. The Missionaries of Africa arrived in Kasamba in 2010.
Jules Roy was Parish Priest up to recently when he moved to Ndola. At the moment, we have two confreres ministering in Kasamba; Dieudonné Rizinde and Patrice Sawadogo. Two stagiaires are also helping the community; Emmanuel Rulinyuma, who is ending his second year, and Jean-Paul Basikaba Evi. All of them are Congolese except Patrice who is from Burkina Faso.