Doctorate studies of Marc Nsanzurwimo in Rome

Congratulation to Father Marc Nsanzurwimo who completed recently his doctorate at the Pontificia Università UrbanMarc Nsanzurwimo_2012_Biana in Rome. His thesis, entitled The Funeral in Zambia with Particular Reference to the Lala People of Serenje, is focusing on rites and customs from which life flows within and between the visible and invisible worlds. The research is a reflection on funeral as a locus for inculturation within the context of evangelization and encounter between African traditional religion and the Church.

Marc is very happy about his achievement. Moreover, he was pleased to see that a student consulted his thesis on the same day he put his document in the FENZA library.

In the coming weeks, he intends to finish gathering some reflections which he started to do years ago with some parishioners of Regiment Parish. Hopefully, with some funds, another book will be ready for publication by January 2013 with the title; Regiment Parish, St Charles Luangwa, 70 years of Evangelization and Social Concern.

We wish Marc Nsanzurwimo to enjoy making more research in line with the vocation of FENZA Centre where he has now been appointed.


St. Lawrence Parish opening celebration


Oswald Mallya


  1. Marc Nsanzurwimo

    Serge, this is a very good initiative. Many thanks and keep it up. Marc.

  2. John ITARU. M.Afr

    Hi Marc! Congrats for the achievements. I strongly believe that we need to look for alternative ways and methods to make the Gospel a living practice by establishing a link with the cultural practices such as funerals. It is high time that we moved from copying and pasting from the Missal and try to be original: make Jesus our brother, uncle, ancestor, African. In short make the Gospel real, make it our business…..otherwise….! John

  3. Anthony Chola

    Congrats for the achievements FR Marc. This Anthony Chanda Chola from Serenje Zambia,the son of Mr Chola.

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