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What return can I make to the Lord for His goodness to me (Ps 116:12)?

Marc Nsanzurwimo_2012_BSome of us have read and were edified by the God of Surprises, a book written by Gerald Hughes. This is a reality I have experienced many times in my life as a missionary including a week ago.

Shortly before the end of last year, I filled my agenda up to September this year because I was due for home leave. All of the sudden I got a request from PAC (Province de l’Afrique Centrale) to go for home service. Since I knew that my name was on a waiting list as far back as 2006, there was little ground for negotiation. Consequently I reviewed my programme to make it correspond with the new situation. Easier said than done! Indeed without the help of my community, I would have missed the plane since I finished to pack up only a couple of hours before my flight.

On the other hand, my confreres and friends around Lusaka transformed what could have been an emotionally exhausting period into a merry week. Have you ever imagined a farewell party each and every day from Monday to Friday? You people are marvelously good! I was overwhelmed by your generosity, your love which was beautifully expressed in a variety of ways. I will ever be grateful to you! What the Lord has done for me, I can’t not tell it all… Just allow me to ask Him to continue blessing you abundantly. By the way you are welcome to Bujumbura!

Fraternally, Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

Invitation from FENZA – public conference

Marc Nsanzurwimo_2012_Bfenza-logo 02Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia invites you to a public conference on “moving from one Church to the other” this coming Saturday 20th December 2014 at 15:00hrs at Bauleni Parish.

The talk is entitled: “Changing Churches: Are your neighbors’ pastures greener?”

Speaker: Fr. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

Venue: Bauleni, Catholic Church (Off Leopards Hill Road, near to Radio Yatsani)

Time: 15:00hrs – 17:30hrs

We hope to see you. Thanks!

 Fr. Romaric Bationo, M.Afr

New Perspectives in Mission: the Challenge for New Paradigms

FENZA logo 02held its last conference of the year on Saturday 7th December, under the theme: New Perspectives in Mission: the Challenge for New Paradigms.
Three speakers shared their understanding of Mission, in relation to the theme. Fr Lastone Robert Lupupa, SJ, currently Parish Priest at Our Heavenly Father Parish in Chelstone, spoke about how he became interested in the mass media, and how he uses them to spread the Good News in Zambia and beyond. For him, the mass and social media are a great tool to reach out to more people who thirst for the Word of God. Reverend Pastor Ezron Z. Musonda, the Principal of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia, shared his experience of Evangelism prior to his teaching career. He explained that for the Baptists Bible Study Groups and the physical pastoral contact remain a fundamental way of evangelising.
As a way of synthesis, Fr. Marc Nsanzurwimo, a missiologist and member of FENZA gave an expansive academic comprehension of Mission today. He underlined the different approaches to mission that took place. He highlighted the challenges and opportunities that globalisation presents to Evangelisation. He ended his presentation by pointing out some fundamentals in evangelisation such as Justice and Peace, Reconciliation and the Care for Creation. See the PDF document.
As usual, time was given to the participants to ask questions and to react to the presentations. This prompted a good sharing of views and experiences. This conference made it clear once again, that today fast-changing world presents challenging opportunities to evangelise. Will we rise up to the challenge for new paradigms? And how? These will remain ongoing questions.
Next year, FENZA shall organise 3 conferences on pertinent issues, drawing hopefully as many even more participants.

Other link: http://mafrsaprovince.com/2013/11/28/conference-on-mission-fenza-7th-december/

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