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Invitation to the Golden Jubilee of Fr. Reinhold Bloching and farewell of Fr. Jules Roy

Golden - Farewell Ndola July 2014 a



Jules-Roy-2013The Missionaries of Africa in Ndola are happy to invite you to various celebrations which are taking place in July for the Jubilee of Fr. Reinhold Bloching as well as to say goodbye to Fr. Jules Roy.

This year, Fr. Reinhold Bloching, priest-in-charge of St-John-the-Baptist Parish, New-Kaloko, is celebrating his 50th year of priesthood. At this occasion, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass at his Parish on the 6th July 2014 at 09h30. The Bwana-Mukubwa deanery is also organizing a Thanksgiving Mass on the 12th July at St-Peter’s Parish, Mushili, with all the priests and pastoral workers of the deanery.
Fr. Jules Roy, who is actually assisting the Parish of Twapia and working for Dole Hill and two other centres, is leaving Zambia for good. He has been at the service of local Church in Zambia for 51 years in different dioceses such as Kasama, Mpika, Lusaka,
Mansa and lastly Ndola.

You are invited to join us for dinner on the 8th July at 18h30 in our community of Ndola situated at Shinde Street No 44 to celebrate the Jubilee of Fr. Reinhold and to bid farewell to Fr. Jules Roy.
Thanks in advance and may God bless you!
Fr. Piet Verkleij (Superior)                  Fr. Camille Konkobo (Secretary) 0976104541
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Our house in Ndola
Great day at New Kaloko Parish, Ndola – Zambia
Short presentation of Kasamba Community, Zambia
Words of thanks of Jules Roy for his 50th Jubilee celebration

CfSC Press Review – May 2014, Malawi

2014-05 Press Review

AMECEA Newsletter – Malawi

AMECEA Malawi 2014The Catholic Bishops of Malawi  held their second plenary for the year 2014, from  2-6 June at  the Secretariat in Lilongwe where main item on the agenda was the preparations for the 18th Plenary of the Association of the Member Episcopal  Conferences for Eastern Africa, AMECEA, which will take place in Lilongwe from the 16th to 26th July this year. READ MORE

Mozambican students going to Balaka

Mozambican Students Balaka 2014-2015 BStopover in Woodlands of four Mozambican students who followed an English course in Serenje, Zambia. They will be going to Balaka in October.
1. Manuel Costa
2. Tenesse Castigo Nherezerane
3. Simone Simao Alberto
4. Amado Tadeu de Carvalho Armando

La Radio Chrétienne Francophone R.C.F. Juin 2014

RCF BruxellesHoraire des émissions
Mercredi : à 19h30  et Jeudi : à 4h30  et à 16h00
Samedi: à 19h30  et Dimanche: à 17h00 
Vous pouvez réécouter les émissions de la semaine dernière en «podcast»
sur le site de RCF:
Les Émissions du mois de Juin 2014
04.06.   (23-14) Mgr. Jan De Groef, M.Afr. Évêque du Diocèse de Bethlehem, Afrique du Sud
La mémoire de l’apartheid et notre pastorale de la libération de l’homme Africain : « Être et devenir humain : « ubuntu ». Le souvenir de Mandela pour un pasteur.
11.06.   (24-14« Le Père Augustin Arteche M.Afr. ARCRE, (Action pour la Rencontre des cultures et des Religions en Europe)
Vivre sous la menace de Boko Haram au Nigeria 
Le « djihad » conquérant dans l’histoire de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. « S’agit-il –t-il d’une expression religieuse de l’Islam ?  
Depuis un certain temps déjà, une expression particulière de l’Islam, avec ses expressions multiples, se présente comme une menace pour les communautés humaines en Afrique, surtout en Afrique de l’Ouest. Réflexion d’un expert, le P. Arteche, de la Rencontre des cultures et des religions.
18.06.    (25-14) Père Arnould de Schaetzen M.Afr. Mbarara, Uganda.
Jeunesse avantagée ou « jeunes favorisés » ? – Étudiants universitaires – dans le service du développement de leur pays.
Promouvoir une jeunesse favorisée sur les voies du service. Une expérience de promouvoir la bonne gestion du pays ; Témoignage du P ; Arnould de Schaetzen, Aumônier universitaire en Uganda
25.06.     (26-14)  Reprise  « Le Père Augustin Arteche M.Afr. ARCRE, (Action pour la Rencontre des cultures et des Religions en Europe)
Vivre sous la menace : Boko Haram au Nigeria (voir programme du 11.06)

Ghana and Nigeria JPIC-ED Newsletter – Volume 2, June 2014

JPIC-ED Ghana - Nigeria LogoNewsletter Volume 2 June 2014JPIC-ED Ghana - Nigeria Team

Ghana and Nigeria JPIC-ED Newsletter – Volume 2, June 2014

Tragic death of the mother of our stagiaire Martin Somda

Martin SomdaAccording to Fr. Philippe Docq, Delegate Superior of South Africa, Martin heard of the death of his mother on Thursday morning the 5th June. She had died the day before coming back from selling the family products at the local market. She was knocked by a motorbike meters from her home. She was buried on Friday morning and Martin is left for Burkina Faso today the 7th June to mourn with the family. He will be back to South Africa after two weeks.

Let us pray for him and his family. May his mother rest in peace. 

SAP Blog has reached 30000 hits

MAFRSAP LOGO 02From the very start, the SAP Blog has attracted the interest of thousands of readers. The first 10,000 hits was reached on June 11, 2013, followed by its 20,000 hits in December 2013 to finally reached 30,000 hits by June 06, 2014. April 2013 and January 2014 saw the highest number of hits amounting to 2500. Only in the first week of June 2014, we have already reached 500 hits. The average hits per day was 56 in 2013 and is currently 59 this year.
We wish our faithful readers to send more news and express their views either by rating the articles below each title or by leaving a comment at the appropriate place called “Leave a comment”.
Thanks for your faithfulness.
Here below the summary since the launching of SAP Blog:
Home page / Archives7,928 hits
About us464 hits
Motomoto Echo April 2013450 hits
Zambian Kwacha rebasing; the new currency in Zambia444 hits
Motomoto Echo437 hits
Our confreres in Zambia422 hits
Formation Centres337 hits
Third Graduation Ceremony of DMI Catholic University in Zambia300 hits
Kitwe Parish, Zambia287 hits
Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia  – 252 hits
Motomoto Echo February 2013, No 1248 hits
Tragic death of Martinus Balemans245 hits
Fr. Patrick Chisanga OFM Conventual; new Bishop of Mansa241 hits
Kungoni Centre236 hits
Motomoto Echo magazine – December 2013231 hits
Motomoto Echo February 2014219 hits
SAP Vocation animation217 hits
Antislavery Campaign215 hits
FENZA211 hits

Islamic Studies – Tangaza College – Kenya

Islamic Studies Nairobi

Islamic Studies Nairobi 02

Islamic Studies The Course              
Islamic Studies Weekly Time-Table I & II Semester

Oath and Diaconate – Jerusalem 2014

Yoro Kabore ADiaconate Invitation aGreetings from SFG – Jérusalem. We have the joy of announcing you the taking of the Missionary Oath by our brother Léon Yoro Kabore and his diaconate ordination that will take place tomorrow 7th June 2014 and Sunday 8th June 2014 respectively. We ask you to remember Léon in your prayers.        
Invitation card
Chers tous!
Salutations depuis PGF-Jérusalem. Nous avons la joie de vous faire part du Serment Missionnaire qui sera prononcé par notre frère Léon Yoro Kabore et son ordination diaconale qui auront lieu demain le 7 juin 2014 et le dimanche, 8 juin 2014 respectivement. Nous confions Léon à vos prières.

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