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Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 6 septembre 2013

Mafrwestafrica 02Aujourd’hui, les Missionnaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest vous proposent de visiter de nouvelles pages sur leur site :
Dans la rubrique « Justice et Paix »
« Les femmes esclaves aujourd’hui ». La reprise d’un article paru dans « Voix d’Afrique » et rédigé par une sœur Missionnaire de N.D. D’Afrique, la sœur Paquita Reche. (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « vu au sud, vu du sud »
« Les ONG et nous », un article de notre confrère Hilaire Guinko, présentement en Ouganda publié dans la revue « Petit Écho ». « Le contexte de ce 21e siècle nous lie, Missionnaires d’Afrique, aux ONG en vue de travailler en partenariat ; il nous pousse même à être comme elles, sans embrasser leur idéologie.». (lire la suite)
« Produire de la viande ou du lait ? ». Le Père Maurice Oudet, une fois de plus, nous invite à réfléchir. « Il ne s’agit pas de supprimer la transhumance, mais plutôt d’allier ce que l’on peut appeler le système pastoral transhumant et le système d’élevage extensif sédentaire »  (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « Actualités » :
« Débuts du Conseil Plénier à Ouagadougou» : quelques textes et photos qui décrivent cet événement de notre société missionnaire. (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « Témoignages » :
« Le Père Richard Roy nous a quittés», il avait travaillé au Burkina, et un de ses confrères de la province d’Amérique témoigne à son sujet, tout spécialement à propos de la maladie d’Alzheimer qui le faisait souffrir. (lire la suite)
« Joannès Liogier, ancien du Niger », fête ses 50 ans de serment missionnaire, un texte paru dans les « Le Lien » du secteur France, et que nous publions à notre tour (lire la suite)
« Jean Devriésère, ancien du Burkina et du Malawi ». Ce texte, écrit par lui-même date déjà d’une année, mais n’a pas perdu sa pertinence ni son humour. (lire la suite)
« La fin du Home service », faut-il faire revenir dans leur province d’origine des confrères pour y remplir des tâches bien particulières, comme l’accompagnement vocationnel par exemple ? Georges Jacques pense que cette manière de faire est dépassée. (lire la suite)

World Day of Prayers for the Prisoners

Kabwata_prison_03One 25th August 2013, the Good Shepherd Parish celebrated the World Day of Prayers for the Prisoners. The Eucharistic celebration was led by Fr. Cleophus Lungu, the Secretary General of the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC). In attendance were the parishioners, the Commissioner of prisons, 30 prisoners and 25 prison officers. After the Eucharist, the parishioners had an opportunity to interact with the prisoners.

Reported by Adelarde Munishi, M.Afr

Latest news about the health situation of some of our confreres

Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo

Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo

Marc Nsanzurwimo was admitted on Monday the 9th to Hilltop Hospital in Lusaka for appendicitis. The surgery took place at 15 hours and was successfully performed within 40 minutes by Dr. Tembo. Marc is recovering well and is expected to be release by tomorrow the 12th.

Didasio Mwanza is doing fine progress. He saw the doctor as foreseen on Monday the 9th and it was positive.
An X-ray was taken and, if these confirm solid union, he will give a go ahead for a return to Zambia. Nevertheless, we would advise Didasio to move slowly back to normal life. He has been mostly resting and lying with one or two walks a day. Now he has to do exercise to strengthen the muscles of his shoulders and neck. We think that he should take advantage of the supportive environment that he finds in South Africa to take it easy and visit some of our confreres to enhance a full physical, moral and spiritual recovery.
News about Didasio sent by Didier Lemaire in Edenglen
Christopher Chileshe had a surgery last week in India for a prostate cancer. He is recovering well but will need time to recover properly. Let us also pray for him as well as Marc, Didasio and all the confreres who are facing health problems.
Thanks for everyone who spend time and resources in helping our sick confreres where ever they are; in India, in South Africa and Zambia. Please, let us know if someone else is experiencing similar ordeal so as to join our prayer together.

The sandy country of Western Province, Namushakende, Zambia

Namushakende_Sept_2013_09Namushakende, September 05/08, 2013
I heard so much about the sand covering the land in Mongu’s area where our confreres are ministering since January 2002 that I did not miss the opportunity to see by myself when Oswald Mallya offer me to go there with him. The first Missionaries of Africa to start this new venture were Charles Obanya (currently Provincial of EAP), Henry Byamukama (currently Vocation Director in Uganda) and Robert Lavertu who is back to Namushakende after few years working for the Diocese in Mongu. After them came Bationo Romaric in 2005 and Jaya B. Mrutyun in 2011. At the moment, Robert and Alfred Awogya are sharing the pastoral work with Élie Sango, a second year stagiaire.
The sand is truly everywhere, making the driving quite perilous at times. St. Gabriel Parish, former outstation of St. John Parish, host 16 outstations with a Catholic population of about 1000 Christians only. We arrived on Thursday few hours before Bishop Evans Chinyemba who came to confer the sacrament of confirmation which took place in three different places, including the chapel of Sianda.
The Parish house overlooks the Zambezi Valley. The river itself is at 25km form the house but becomes an immense lake at the end of the rainy season.
Sisters Dympna Clarke and Rose McHujh of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate are living next door. Founded in 1893 in Texas by a widow called Margaret Mary Healy Murphey, she previously escaped the great famine of Ireland. Her inspiration went against the current social and political environment of the time. In that sense, she was prophetic in providing education for the African American and Hispanic populations who were destitute. This spirit brought three Sisters in Zambia 25 years ago. They dedicate themselves to the poor through Home Base Care, elderly and orphans well as vulnerable children programs. They are located in Limulunga, Mongu and Namushakende.
Namushakende_Sept_2013_45On Sunday the 8th, together with the confirmation mass in the hall of St. Gabriel Youth Training Centre, Élie Sango made the renewal of his Declaration of Intent. Another interesting particular aspect of the liturgy took place at the presentation de the Word of God before the readings. In procession, the women put the Bible in a symbolic boat in reference to the Kuomboka ceremony for the Losi King. This event is an honorific display to the King “coming out of the water”. Similarly, Jesus, the incarnate Word of God and new King, is carried in a boat. But, contrary to the custom of the Losi, women are symbolically paddling while only men do so for the King in real life.
[wpvideo syBmQ7FM]
Watch also this video:
The Christians who made their confirmation

The Christians who made their confirmation



Surprise visit of three Bishops of Malawi to Woodlands

Bishops of MalawiThree Bishops of Malawi paid a visit to the Provincial House of the Missionaries of Africa in Woodlands, Lusaka. They attended the funeral of the Cardinal Mazombwe which took place on the 3rd September.
From left to right;
Father David Cullen, M.Afr, Missionary of Africa, Chipata, Zambia
Archbishop Tarcisius Gervazio Ziyaye, Archbishop of Lilongwe
Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza, Bishop of Mzuzu
Archbishop Rémi Joseph Gustave Sainte-Marie, M. Afr., Archbishop Emeritus of Lilongwe
Thanks for your visit and we wish you a safe journey back to Malawi.

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Oath and diaconate in South B Formation House

Diaconate Kenya August 2013The oath and diaconate of
Africano Mucunguzi from Uganda made his stage in South Africa
Benjamin Itungabose from Burundi made his stage in Zambia
Johnson Singarajan from India mad his stage in DRC
Took place in South B Formation House on Friday the 30th August 2013.
The oath was received by the Assistant Provincial in the house of formation and the diaconate was conferred by our confrere Willy Ngumbi, Bishop of Kindu in DRC, at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Nairobi.
Pictures sent by Philippe Docq, M.Afr

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