Our Experience with the Youth in Chimoio Diocese, Mozambique

Maurice Aduol Odhiambo 05Serge Kasombo Kabwakila 02By Maurice Aduol Odhiambo and Serge Kabwakila Kasongo

The second term holiday was characterized by different activities in the Diocese of Chimoio despite being relatively short (2 weeks). We, the stagiaires in Mozambique, wish to share with you some of these activities.

We are members of the Diocesan youth commission which managed to organize two youth camps. The first one took place in Machaze where Dombe Mission is located. The topics discussed were the following; marriage, polygamy, relationship and dowry payment. All these themes were accompanied by dramas, group discussions and sharing between the youth and some invited guests who were knowledgeable in these areas. READ MORE

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