2014 Woodlands’ visitors

Visitors 2014 number of nightsIt was our hope last year to see an increase in terms of visitors for 2014. This has been achieved with an increase of 97% from 1391 nights in 2013 to 2751 nights this year. Woodlands welcomed many confreres in January though we have not seen so many visitors so far in 2015. We also welcomed quite a few visitors between August and November 2014. A significant number of Stagiaires and students came in July and August. As you can see, Woodlands, Lusaka, is your home.

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2013 Woodlands’ visitors

Visitors Woodlands 2013The first chart shows the number of visitors at Woodlands per month. The second chart shows the number of nights spent in Woodlands by visitors. By and large, the months of May and July are the busiest months of the year while June remains calm.
The overall number of visitors for the year 2013 came to a total of 207 and spent a total of 1,391 nights. The vocation of Woodlands to be a welcoming house is well established. It is our hope to see even more visitors to come in 2014.
Woodlands' chapel 2013All visiting Priests, Religious and diocesan Priests or confreres, are invited, if willing, to preside the Eucharist in the morning at 6:30 with Christians coming to Mass in our Chapel. Woodlands’ community has also introduced evening Mass on Tuesdays at 18:00 and a time for adoration each Thursday at 18:00.
Please, let us know the day and the time of your arrival. Looking forward seeing you soon in our house.