Death of Tobias Phiri, former M.Afr student form Zambia.

Tobias Phiri 2004 copieDear Confreres and friends,

I regret to inform you that our ex-student Tobias Phiri passed away on 17th April 2015 after a sickness. His wife gave me the information. He was buried on Monday 20th April in Kasisi.

May he rest in perfect peace.

Christopher Chileshe, SAP Provincial

Short biography:

From Chipata, Zambia, Tobias Phiri was born on 30th March 1983. He spent one year in Arusha, Tanzania, for philosophy in 2004 but left in May the following year for health reason. He then pursued in 2008 some studies in Accountancy and later on completed a year of General Psychology and Advance English obtaining the grade ‘Cum Laude Probatus’.