Launching of the 125th anniversary of the Catholic Faith in Zambia.

Mambwe Mwala 2016 00By Lawrence Tukamushaba, M.Afr, Kasama- Zambia

Various activities have been foreseen commemorating the beginning of the Catholic faith in Zambia 125 years ago. The main celebration will be held on August 06 at Mambwe-Mwela situated in the Archdiocese of Kasama where the Missionaries of Africa were the first to settle for good in Zambia. It is important to note that they built this mission on their way from Mponda in Malawi to Tanzania as they took rest because of the illness of Fr Valentin Heurtebise (+1933), one of the pioneers. Fr Achille Van Oost (+1895) was buried in the same area.

The first major activity organised by the Archdiocese was a pilgrimage to Mambwe-Mwela where the first church was built. The ruins of that church are still visible. The pilgrimage started on Friday the 15th and ended up on Sunday the 17th July. Many Christians of Mambwe Parish walked 46 km to reach the site. Our Superior General, Fr Stanley Lubungo, together with Fr Lawrence Tukamushaba and Fr Nobert Nkingwa, joined Fr Edward Mutale, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Coordinator, and Fr Felix Chishamba, the Archdiocesan Communications Director.

Mwambe-Mwila Map2_modifié-2Three reflections were given on the way from Our Lady of Angels Kanamwene Centre, three Kilometres from the site, to the pilgrimage site. Fr Stanley Lubungo spoke about the values of pilgrimages while Fr Lawrence Tukamushaba gave a teaching about the sacraments and Fr Nobert Nkingwa spoke about the meaning of discipleship. Native of the place, Fr Patrick Simutowe, Rector of Mpima Major Seminary in Kabwe, animated the recollection.

It was a reenergising faith journey. Much attention was given to the first brave men who chose to leave everything for the sake of the Gospel. They walked long distances in unknown and hostile lands. However, their hard labour has produced abundant fruits. Fr Stanley reminded the pilgrims that the missionaries planted seeds the fruits of which are the Christians of today. As missionaries and Christians of today we are challenged by their deep faith, love of God and self-denial.

On Thursday 14th July, Fr Stanley was hosted on the Archdiocesan Radio Lutanda FM for an interview about the history of the Church in Zambia.

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Closing celebration of the Lua-Luo noviciate – July 2016

Arsene Kiboba 02 2016_JPEGBy Félix Arsène Kiboba, stagiaire on his way going to Nigeria.

We ended the 2016 spiritual year at St. Anne Parish in Kasama in July 2016. Twenty novices made their Declaration of Intention and were admitted to the ministry of Reader in the presence of our new Superior General, Father Stanley Lubungo. He was proud to say that it was his first duty as Superior General of the Missionaries of Africa. Were also present; Leonard Hategekimana, Clenerius Chimpali, Justin Sebakunzi, Lawrence Tukamushaba, Norbert Nkingwa, Didasio Mwanza and Anselm Mahwera, a confrere from Tanzania. Lots of our friends from various immersion places, where the novices made a short community experience, came to share this joyful celebration.

The Declaration of Intention was individually pronounced by each novice after the Gloria followed by the traditional song of Sancta Maria.

Closing ceremony 01 July 2016_JPEGIn his homely, father Stanley told us that Jesus Christ is inviting each Christian, not only to know the Holy Scriptures, but to put them into practice. He advised the students to live what they teach.

Friends and visitors were invited to Lua-Luo after Mass for a meal. Few gifts were given to the novices by some friends who wished them a bright future in their ministry as stagiaires.

Closing ceremony 02B July 2016

Meeting Pope Francis Short Video Clip

Pope Francis with Stanley and RichardClick on the picture and see a short video clip from today’s audience with Pope Francis when he joked with us about losing a Superior General. A wonderful short video. Enjoy. Fraternally, Raymond McQuarrie, M.Afr

CHAPITRE, mercredi 08 juin 2016 (extrait de la lettre du père Gilles Barette)

« Ce matin, nous avons eu l’Eucharistie à 7 heures. Car dès 9 heures, tous les capitulants avaient rendez-vous au Vatican, près du bâtiment du Saint-Office, devenu Congrégation pour la Doctrine de la Foi. Conduits par Monseigneur Richard Baawobr, habillé en évêque, nous sommes passés par les détecteurs de métaux (nos ceintures, nos montres, notre monnaie) et la machine qui détecte si nous portons encore quelque chose qui pourrait être suspect. On nous a alors indiqué où aller pour prendre nos places réservées sur la place St-Pierre, entre la basilique et la grande place. Nous avons attendu en plein soleil pendant plus d’une heure avant que la papamobile conduisant le Pape ne surgisse derrière nous et fasse le tour de la place St-Pierre, s’arrêtant ici et là pour saluer des enfants, des handicapés, etc. Finalement, il est descendu de sa voiture, est monté sous le chapiteau au centre devant la porte sainte de la basilique. Pendant ce temps, des haut-parleurs transmettaient des informations en plusieurs langues: les différents groupes présents sur la place, et le déroulement de l’audience. (…)

Le Pape s’est alors déplacé pour aller prendre des photos avec certains groupes: des migrants d’un diocèse du sud de l’Italie, des sauveteurs en montagne accompagnés de leurs chiens, des personnes en chaise roulante ou souffrant d’une malformation physique, des aveugles, etc. Pendant ce temps, “il capitolo generale dei Padri Bianchi” a été appelé pour que nous allions prendre place au lieu où allaient être prises les photos.

Quand le Pape est arrivé à nous, il a souri et a posé une question: « Savez-vous ce qu’il faut faire pour se débarrasser d’un Supérieur Général? » Nous ne savions pas. Alors il a dit: « Farlo un vescovo: en faire un évêque ». Après avoir salué Richard Baawobr et notre nouveau Supérieur Général Stan Lubungo, le Pape a dit sur un ton sérieux maintenant. « Vous, Missionnaires d’Afrique, faites un très bon travail dans les jeunes Églises. Votre témoignage est magnifique, plein de la radicalité de l’Évangile, continuez avec courage ». Et photos, puis photos. Nous nous sommes alors retirés et sommes rentrés à la maison de la Via Aurelia. »

Pope Francis and Stan - Rome 2016Pope and Chapter

New General Council 2016

Stanley Lubungo 2016 Rome_JPEGStanley Lubungo was born at Ndola (Zambia) on the 16th June 1967. He took his missionary oath in Toulouse on the 7th December 1996 and was ordained a priest in his native town on the 2nd August 1997. He worked as a missionary for a few years in Democratic Republic of Congo and was appointed, after a few years of studies in Rome and Dublin, as formator in Abidjan. He had just completed new studies in dogmatic theology in Paris when he was appointed Provincial of Southern Africa on the 1st July 2015. One of his first tasks will be to ensure his replacement in Lusaka. Congratulations Stan!

Didier Sawadogo 2016_JPEGCongratulations Didier Sawadogo. Thank you for having accepted this service to the Society. May God be with you. Didier was born on 26th July 1967 à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). He took the oath on the 11th December 1999 in London and was ordained priest on the 3rd December 2000 in Bobo-Dioulasso. He worked in Mali and Burkina Faso, but spent also quite some time in Rome studying. He is currently studying in Rome for a doctorate.

Francis Barnes 2016B_JPEGFrancis Barnes was born on the 26th September 1950 at Stockport (UK). He took his missionary oath in Totteridge (UK) on the 16th April 1981 and was ordained priest on the 20th June 1981 at Salford. He did parish ministry in Burkina Faso, vocational animation in Poland, then was mainly involved with animation and formation in Burkina, Rome, Zambia and Kenya. He is currently assistant to the Provincial Superior of Europe.

Martin Grenier 2016_JPEGMartin Grenier was born on the 21st March 1963 at Beauceville in Quebec. He took the missionary oath at Wood Green (London) on the 18th December 1993 and was ordained a priest on the 23rd September 1995 at St Joseph-de-Beauce in Quebec. After three years of ministry in Zambia, he was appointed as formator in Bangalore, India. After a sabbatical year, he went back to India, then to Jinja (Uganda), always as a formator. After some studies at IFIC in Mali, Martin worked at the AFRIKA Centre in Montreal where he was before the Chapter where he came as delegate of the Province of the Americas (AMS). Congratulations Martin.

Ignatius Anipu 2016 cJPEGIgnatius Anipu was born on the 7th November 1959 in Wiagha (Ghana). He took his oath on the 15th December 1990 in Toulouse and was ordained priest on the 20th July 1991 in Kongo (Ghana). His first term as Missionary of Africa was in Niger before being called for studies at the Pisai (Rome). He then returned to Niger, spent a few years for further studies and as formator in Paris, London and Abidjan. He came to the chapter as Provincial of the PAO. Congratulations Ignatius.

New General Council 2016