Burundi: tragic death of a cousin of our confrere Jean de Dieu Bukuru, M.Afr

Benoit NizigiyimanaIt is with deep sorrow that I received the sad news of the murder of my cousin Benoit Nizigiyimana. We had a very close bond since he is the one who took care of my twin brother and myself during our last 3 years of secondary school. We lived in his house and he contributed to our school fees and our other needs. He, and his wife Genevieve, cared for us as their own children.

His death occurred after midnight on the 21st May. As he was coming back home with his wife from his bar which is situated near his residence, a man came from the opposite direction as they were approaching the gate. This man greeted them asking them if they were fine (ni sawa?). They replied to him saying that they were fine. He passed them and continued his way. But few metres away, he turned back and shot my cousin in the chest from the back. My cousin immediately collapsed and died. His wife, bewildered with what had just happened shouted at the man crying saying: “this is really what you have done to me, making me a widow?” The assassin opened a grenade which he threw at my cousin’s wife. Fortunately, it exploded some distance away from her but injuring her all badly. The people who heard the gunshot and the explosion of the grenade came to see what had happened. They found my cousin already dead. They took his wife to the hospital and his body to the mortuary.
My cousin was working with the Red Cross as a National Coordinator. He leaves behind a widow and five children still at the secondary and primary school. 

The whole family is in deep sorrow. I beg for your prayers. Jean de Dieu Bukuru, M.Afr

Dear Jean de Dieu, My heartfelt condolences on the tragic death of your cousin Benoit Nizigiyimana. Kindly find here the expression of my sympathy and the assurance of my prayers in this devastating moment your family is undergoing. We pray for the repose of the soul of Benoit and ask for graces of healing and consolation for Genevieve and the Children. United in Prayer, Stanley Lubungo, M.Afr SAP Provincial


Un cadre de la Croix Rouge du Burundi (CRB) du nom de Benoît Nizigiyimana a été abattu le 20 mai 2016 devant son domicile au quartier Mirango II, zone Kamenge (nord de Bujumbura). Les auteurs de l’assassinat ont aussi blessé son épouse. La victime dirigeait le Département Santé Communautaire à la Croix Rouge Burundi. Des témoins indiquent qu’il possédait aussi un bistrot très fréquenté à Mirango et que le couple a été attaqué alors qu’ils rentraient après la fermeture de leur bar.