Wining prize for Dieudonné Rizinde, Zambia

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Our confrere Dieudonné took part in a competition organised by the magazine The Tablet in UK presented in the edition of June 2013, 01. He wrote an essay on the theme; Protecting Creation Means ‘Respecting Each of God’s Creature’ (Pope Francis) Why and How?
We congratulate him for this second win as he won a similar competition few years ago hoping that he will do it again. The essay is to be published in a near future. We give you in exclusivity the privilege to read his essay by clicking on the following PDF file.
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Message sent from England; “Dear Fr Dieudonné, thank you for your email, and particularly the letter which I received this week with the photographs and news. It was such a good idea to send it via someone returning to the UK. Now I have some good news for you! You have once again done well in the essay competition, coming joint first, and while we would normally split the prize 50/50, the other recipient is 
happy that we split it 40/60. I know you will find good uses for your prize!  With all good wishes, Debora.”
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