Timothée Bationo at the JMJ in Brazil

Timothée BationoOur confrere Timothée Bationo, Sector Superior in Mozambique, went to pay a visit to Pierre Lukusa in Brazil. It coincided with the JMJ in Rio de Janeiro where Timothée met other Missionaries of Africa: Willy Ngumbi, Bishop of Kindu in DRCongo and Francisco J. Silota, Bishop of Chimoio in Mozambique. Note that Jan De Groef, Bishop of Bethlehem in South Africa was also at the JMJ.
Timothée was pleased to meet Pierre who will be completing his training at “Fazenda d´Esperança” for one more and final year. In his two weeks journey, Timothée participated in some events led by the Pope: visit and blessing of an hospital, visit to the slum “favela”, way of the Cross, vigil and sending mass. He also met the group of Gen Rosso-Focolari composed of about 200 youth. They performed a show with songs and plays emphasising the idea that the youth can be strong without violence. Peace, love and unity are great tools for evangelisation. The show was presented to Pope Francis during a night vigil.
In his simplicity, Pope Francis touched the hearts of more than 3 million people at the Copacabana beach. His final message is to affirm that Christians should “go without fear proclaiming the Gospel”.
Timothée will remember this exceptional experience for ever and wish to thank everyone who helped him to make this trip to Brazil possible.

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Pope Francis and Mission Nowadays

Pope Brazil visitChers confrères,
Le Père Julien Cormier me demande de vous faire parvenir un texte du Pape François qui nous aidera à réfléchir sur la mission, notre mission et la vie de l’Église.
Vous trouverez ce texte en pièce jointe (en français et en anglais). 
Merci !
Marc Beaudry, M.Afr
Le pape François et la mission aujourd’hui
“Although Pope Francis was speaking about the situation in Latin America, Catholics in other parts of the world may well find much of what Francis had to say recognizable in their contexts, too.”
A. Introduction de Julien Cormier : Le pape, la mission et les M.Afr (en français)
B. Présentation (in English) de John Allen du National Catholic Reporter
C. Présentation (en français) d’Anita Bourdin, Agence Zenit
D. Discours du Pape aux évêques du CELAM à Rio (en français)
E. Address from the Pope to the CELAM Bishops in Rio (in English)
pope_francis_brazil.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxAddress of Pope Francis to Ambassadors on the world of finance and economics – 16th May 2013