Extracts of Fr. Philippe Docq’s homily at the end of the Sector Meeting of South Africa, on 6th May 2015 in Coolock House, South Africa

If the Church is to present its message in a way that is meaningful today, it must also be ready to make the necessary adjustments in areas which, though they may have had a long tradition, like circumcision for the Jews, are not central to the proclamation and may perhaps have outlived their meaningfulness. The first Missionaries have had their own struggles in trying to avoid forcing their own cultures into the people they are evangelising. (…) In our own Society, the situation is constantly evolving, changing, calling for adjustments. The situation of the “Bush Missionaries” of 50 years ago is not the same, of course, as the Township Mission of today, for example. That is why we need a Chapter every 6 years, which is why we need dialogue and fraternal communication among ourselves in sector meetings and community meetings. In the first reading, there were very serious differences between the conservatives and the progressists, but an open, frank, sincere dialogue took place between them and allowed the Church to grow out of her narrow Jewish background. Today I pray for our Sector. There are also serious differences among us. I pray for honest dialogue and for compassion… 


Sent by Raymond A. McQuarrie, M.Afr.