Fazenda Da Esperança (Farm of Hope), Philippines

fazenda-esperancaBy Fr Phelim Malumo M.Afr, (12/05/2015)

A few people, including our students in formation and confreres, having been asking me what Fazenda da Esperança mean, its purpose and Mission: in other words; its programs and spirituality.

Thus I have decided in this article to give you briefly what Fazenda is, its Charism and Mission. I shall later, write a bit more in details about what it does concretely.

  1. Fazenda spirituality and mission. “You must be ambassadors of hope”, Pope Benedict XIV during his visit to Brazil, Fazenda, 12th May, 2007. Fazenda Charism and Spirituality is based on the inspirations of St Francis and Chiara. Thus Franciscan Spirituality of Prayer, Work and Community Living and Chiara’s Spirituality of Unity and Mutual Love (Christian).
  2. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center (for boys and girls). Fazenda Da Esperança is a Drug and Rehabilitation Center (Farm), based on 3 main principles: Spirituality, Community Life and Work.
  3. Conditions and requirements. Personal and free decision from the client. Admittance and acceptance that one has a problem and needs help. Family and Community support. Since it does not depend so much on professionals, the Centre can’t help in cases of serious mental or psychological problems.
  4. Duration of the programme. It takes one full year, with the presentation of a certificate of having followed successfully completed the Rehabilitation program under Fazenda. From there, they become connected to Fazenda, Group of Living Hope (GLH). GLH meetings of Exs are once a week, and with their families monthly. This helps them in case of temptations, relapse or need to share and encourage one another. All are encouraged to attend GLH meetings, even those who did not complete the program but stopped along the way. They are also encouraged to participate and attend Mariapolis (Focolare) and living the Word of life on daily basis. In case they relapse, they are always welcome again in the farm for refresher sessions of one month or more. In fact the farm is always open to welcome Exs members whenever they would like to visit the farm or have experienced relapse repeatedly and need help.
  5. Who manages the farm. The Farm is ran by members of the Family of Hope consisting of lay people, married, religious priests and sisters, single people and missionary volunteers.
  6. Who are admitted into the farm and the scope of Fazenda Mission. The center admit youths, adults and even older people, boys and girls, lay people, religious, priest or nuns, non-Christians, people of other faith and works of life. It is open to all. But due to its spirituality, most of those coming or admitted are Catholics or Christians. The Farm receives people who have issues different kinds of addictions and related issues such as: Drug addicts and those in networks with drug Lords, involved in serious crimes, Alcohol dependents or abusers, abandoned teenagers, victims of human trafficking, those with some behavioral problem in society, victims of prostitution, homeless youth, school dropouts, Internet and pornography addicts, Gamblers, sexually abused youth, pregnant teenagers without support of families, prisoners, those reflecting on Vocation, Priests and religious with problems in Ministry etc. In other places, Fazenda runs schools; they help the sick e.g. AIDS patients and orphans, awareness of human rights, helping the poor, assisting victims of human and natural calamities and catastrophes like typhoons, flooding, earthquakes, and helping Small Christian Communities in the local Church they find themselves. They also collaborate with other groups and religious congregations in mission e.g. Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) in Dombe mission, Mozambique, Southern Africa.

Many groups visit the Farm for retreats, recollections, camping, meetings, Mariapolis, weddings, tourism, for purchasing and buying Fazenda Products; others come and learn new skills such in farming, milk processing etc. It is a well-known place and famous for daily products, especially fresh vegetables, milk, rice and Cattle rearing. Our place is about 260 Hectares of Land, used for farming, grazing, irrigation, accommodation, ponds, gardening, piggery, Orchards etc. It is a quiet place where immediately you arrive near the Farm you experience quietness, fresh breeze from the sea, beautiful mountains, free of pollution and ideal place for silence, peace, prayer and discernment. We are far from the pollution and noise of the city, about 30km from Masbate City.

  1. Conclusion. Fazenda da Esperanca believes in Gods Providence. They are somewhat flexible, adapting, trusting and hopeful instruments of God’s love. Indeed living in a Farm of Hope requires openness, patience, greater and sacrificial love, non-judgmental spirit and trust in Hope and to be a personal with a deeper relationship with Jesus. A person who gets his energy from prayer and Word of Life-daily Gospel reflection. This is what I am growing into day by day. You have to be definitely compassionate and forgiving. You have to show the boys and girls that God still loves them; that they are still beloved children of God (especial in Confession), and that God is waiting for each and every one of them to come back home (Prodigal Son experience) so that they may experience life, and life in its fullness and abundance (Jn 10.10). They need to experience joy and happiness and change of life. Also we have to be the link with their families so that eventually they reunite with them and start again, with HOPE. “Fazenda…where Hope and Life begins Anew…” Bishop Joel Baylon, Diocese of Legazpi, the Philippines (Chairman of the CBCP Commission on Youth)
  2. Website: http://www.fazenda-ph.org/


Celebration of the 8th December 2014 in Dombe, Mozambique

It is a great abundance from God to have a Priest in the Farm of Hope.

Searching for the identity of the Missionaries of Africa in Dombe

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) Hits Philippines

Typhoon-HagupitGreetings from Philippines, 

Our area, Masbate will be terribly affected by the Typhoon. The eye will be about 2 km from Masbate City. 

We are now experiencing very strong winds of about 175 km expected to increase more and more.  Flights and all traveling has been cancelled. The sky is so dark, heavy rains and buildings and trees, rice, banana fields etc. are being uprooted or falling in some places. Electricity cut and water affected. Relief food, medicines are already on the way.  So far we are safe here in our place. But you can’t go out, it’s bad. By 11.00 am the Typhoon is expected to fall on our place. The typhoon will only reach Masbate in 3 hours time, heading towards Manila-expecting the worst impact- but it is already bad and catastrophic, the effects. Will update you as the time goes. Many people around have been evacuated. People will have no food, shelter etc.
Please pray for the Philippines in your Masses Today. 

Fraternally Yours,

Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

To all SAP confreres, Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year 2014 from Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

Phelim Malumo in Lumimba 02By Phelim Malumo, M.Afr
Dear Confrere, 
Greetings from the Philippines. I received your email with pleasure and wonderful memories. I took a few moment of recollection remembering God’s Love for me and the rest of Humanity as we prepare to celebrate the mystery of God’s Incarnation. I felt encouraged, and indeed, strengthened after repeatedly going through your short, deep and touching letter. 
Yes, I am settling well here in Masbate: living, listening, sharing and discovering so many things each day: one -day -at- a- time. Today afternoon I am giving formation class on the Holy Spirit for those preparing to become Lay Missionaries/Volunteers in the Future. Next week I shall teach about Mission to the Boys/Girls. This evening I shall have confessions and another Mass at the girl’s farm. A mission/task requiring compassion, Reaching out and listening and giving direction/guidance to so many boys and girls, some under aged and too young to understand and discern about their lives and what to do. They have so many unanswered questions. My presence is seen and experienced, by most of them, as God’s will and intervention in their life “…The Lord has visited his people”; the troubled, downtrodden, suffering and addicted and those who have lost HOPE in life’s purpose. 

It is a great abundance from God to have a Priest in the Farm of Hope.

Phelim Malumo Philipines 2014 02logo_fazenda_2013A Missionary of Africa in the Philippines
By Phelim Malumo, M.Afr
“My name is Fr. Phelim Malumo, 42 years old and I am from Zambia. I have 8 siblings at home. I finished my secondary education in 1992 at the Christian school in Mongu. I joined the society of Missionaries of Africa as a postulant in 1994. Thereafter, I was selected to start my Philosophy in Tanzania for 3 years (1994-1997). I went for novitiate in Kasama, Zambia. Thereafter, I went for my 2-years pastoral experience in South Africa. I did theology in Nairobi, Kenya from 2002-2004. I made my Missionary oath in 2003, I was ordained Priest in 2004 in the Diocese of Mongu, Zambia. My first Missionary appointment was to South Africa, Siyabuswa Parish. After 3 years, I come back to Zambia and worked in different Parishes in Zambia.
I had issues related to alcohol addiction, and then I tried therapy in Zambia, Tanzania and Canada. In 2012, I fully recovered. So, I was to appointed to Lumimba Parish for 2 years from 2012-2014.
After a positive and fruitful experience there, the province of Southern Africa thought that I could use my experience to help other people facing various kinds of addiction. And due to the experience of the other priests at Fazenda in Mozambique and Brazil, it was thought that I should go to one Fazenda community to live, discover and learn the Fazenda way of helping people with their addiction. Fortunately, being connected before with Bishop Ian de Groef spoke positively about Fazenda activities and I was very much inspired to start something like that in Bethlehem Diocese in South Africa. And in collaboration with Father Hans, Nelson, Roland and Richardson together with SAP Provincial Council and our General Council in Rome, I was welcomed to make my experience in their community here in Fazenda Masbate.
Now, from November 2014, I am part of Fazenda in Masbate, Philippines. For 1 year, I will live here to understand better the charism, spirituality and mission of Fazenda to the world. We feel that there are rule of Prayer, community life and their mission can make us easy in collaborate and profit from each other’s spirituality. Currently, the Chairman of Fazenda Masbate is Richardson da Silva from Brazil. So far, I have been very much touched by the spirit in Fazenda with lay people, sister’s, priests, and even married people working together to help the boys and girls. I admire the spirituality of Chiara, the Word of Life which guides our community living based on the gospel. Our sharing of goods helps us to form a united family. I help at this community through Mass and spiritual guidance together with the Sisters and the Missionaries. I hope that after this experience, the society of Missionaries of Africa could establish something like this in South Africa where we have issues in addiction and other related problems.
Our community in Cebu is also connected to Fazenda through Group of Living Hope, regularly meets in their house, and slowly, they seem to have more collaboration. And I’m happy to be connected to Focolare Movement. Recently, I learned a lot from Mariapolis which was held here in Fazenda. Fazenda opened me to expose in different kinds of people with different skills.
We strongly believe that the Spirituality of Hope. Fazenda is a place where people were facing with various addiction and issues gets new hope and meaning in Life through prayer, community life and work.
It is my conviction that this experience will be of help to me, the church, society and all people facing with various kinds of addiction and related issues thereby fulfilling Christ’s words in John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, life in its fullness and abundance”

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