Celebration of the 8th December 2014 in Dombe, Mozambique

Although Dombe Parish is in a remote rural area, the Missionaries of Africa working in Mozambique have decided this year to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception together with Pequenas Missionárias de Maria Imaculada (Little Missionaries of Mary Immaculate). We started the day with a meeting chaired by Richard Ujwigowa on behalf of the Delegate Superior Timothée who is on home leave. We had a brain storming about our mission in Mozambique, in particular within the diocese of Chimoio. Many questions were raised: should we stay in the diocese of Chimoio? Should we leave? What is our aim as Missionaries of Africa working in Mozambique?

This reflection was made in a climate of free discussion, without being judgmental and pointing out the matter objectively. No decision was taken. Richard presented also some information about the Provincial Council which took place in Lusaka in November.  

We celebrated Mass with others Missionaries, namely the Pequenas Missionárias de Maria imaculada, Obra de Maria (Work of Mary) and the Fazenda da Esperança (Family of hope). We ended the day with music and sharing a good meal together at the residence of the Fathers.

Viva, 8 de dezembro!  Florent Sawadogo