Death of the mother of our confrere Paul Kitha, M.Afr

Mother of Paul Kitha
Maman n’est plus, sans nous dire au revoir! Paix à son âme ! Mama, Teleza Kayuni you don’t even say goodbye. May your soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

The Provincial Delegate of SAP in Malawi sent us a message through WhatsApp announcing the death of the mother or our confrere Paul Kitha who is currently in Burkina Faso as a missionary. Thereza Kayuni passed away yesterday in Mzuzu. She died peacefully as she was having her midday meal. She dropped her plate and felt on the side. The program of her funerals and burial is not yet final. Let us pray for Paul’s mother and also for Paul and the entire family.

Paul Kitha’s Priestly Ordination in Karonga, Malawi

Paul Kitha and his parents
Paul Kitha and his parents

Participating in Paul Kitha’s priestly ordination was something very significant for me. Being with Paul since 2010 in West Africa, it’s very wonderful to witness to his priestly ordination that took place on first August 2015 in Karonga Diocese in Malawi. I was personally ordained priest on 27th June 2015 in Kabwe, Zambia where Paul Kitha equally participated and served as a Deacon. This was immediately after finishing our theological studies in Abidjan where we spent three years together. I was very grateful to him because he sacrificed his precious time of holidays. In fact, before my priestly ordination, Paul and I had an eight days retreat together in St. Bonaventure in Lusaka.

Paul’s priestly ordination was very well prepared and it was a very beautiful celebration. Many parishes were well represented and a lot of family members and friends came from different parts of the country. Oh! It was so lovely to see various groups dancing the same song but each respecting his or her particular dance. For instance, the Ngoni dance really impressed me.

His Lordship Martin A. Mtumbuka, Bishop of Karonga Diocese, encouraged priests to be the men of prayer for we are called to holiness. He continued by saying that if we are not praying, we cannot call others to holiness. Hence, he said we are called to live our prayer life every day because we are not “robots”.

The first Mass for Fr. Paul took place at his home parish, St. Steven in Karonga. It was lovely also to see how friends and parents who saw Paul growing as a little boy. In his speech, Fr. Paul’s elder brother said that “from now onwards, I will not call you my young brother instead, you are now my father”. This shows how much people were very happy to have Fr. Paul and to witness to his First Mass in his home village. Fr. Paul is the third Catholic Priest from his home parish, St. Steven.

I was very much impressed by the good number of confreres, the Missionaries of Africa, candidates and the MSOLA sisters at the ordination and the First Mass celebrations. For this reason, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for the support rendered to Fr. Paul and to his family. Let us keep supporting one another for the spread of the kingdom of God as we strive to be missionaries identified with prayer, love and service. In addition, let us remember to keep supporting Fr. Paul in his new ministry so that he may be guided by the Holy Spirit and be of service to others where ever he is. 

Fr. Humphrey Mukuka, M.Afr

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Invitation to the Priestly ordination of Kitha Makambi Paul, Karonga, Malawi

Paul Kitha Ordination card 2015The Bishop of Karonga Diocese,

His Lordship Martin A. Mtumbuka, the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), Mr and Mrs Kitha’s family and relatives are very glad to invite you to the Priestly ordination of their son Kitha Makambi Paul, on 1st August 2015 at 9:30am at Karonga.

Thanksgiving Mass will be held on Sunday 2nd August 2015 at St. Steven’s Parish Kasantha at 9:30am

The Society of the Missionaries of Africa expresses its gratitude for the Spiritual, Moral and material support you give to the newly ordained who will be going soon to his country of Mission.

Oath and Diaconate in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, December 2014

Missionnary Oath and Diaconate Ordinations 04Great joy in Abidjan! On 12th December, in the family of Lavigerie, were born eleven young confreres who pronounced their Oaths. Among them are two members of SAP: Humphrey Mukuka (Zambian) and Paul Kitha (Malawian). The oaths were received by the Vice-Provincial of PAO, Father Luc Kola. Family members and visitors were present at this event. The following day was another happy moment with their diaconate ordination given by Bishop Raymond Ahoua from the diocese of Grand Bassam of Ivory Coast.

The province of SAP was well represented. Father Alex Manda from Korhogo (Ivory Coast) was present during the pronouncement of the Oaths. Unfortunately, being the Parish Priest, he could not witness the diaconate ordination due to pastoral engagement. He encouraged the future deacons to put their trust in the Lord (Is 41, 13-20). From Aribinda (Burkina Faso), Father Joseph Makoka was also present. He celebrated the thanksgiving Mass in which he reminded the newly ordained deacons that we are not the light of the world but Jesus alone (Jn 1, 6-8). We are not announcing our personal messages but the Good News of Jesus.

This event could not pass “sans être arosé”. After the diaconate ordination, more than 400 people were invited at our home to share a meal. It was worth celebrating.

Let us continue to pray for our brothers Humphrey and Paul as they enter their full mission at the service for the African World.

Receive our cordial greetings. May God bless you all in your mission wherever you are. Our studies are going on well and we hope to move ahead with the help of the Holy Spirit. We commend ourselves to your prayers as we continue our vocational journey.

Students in Abidjan.

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Physiotherapy of Paul Makambi Kitha, Abidjan

Paul-Kitha-Abidjan-2014We wish to inform you that Kitha’s health is improving. He started the process of reeducation on Wednesday the 27th August. He will be doing that every two days i.e three times a week. Consequently, Paul will not be able to do the annual 8 day’s retreat with his fellow third year students. This is to allow him continue his reeducation process (physiothérapie) at a normal pace. He will nevertheless do the retreat in our formation house (La Fratenité Lavigerie) at the same time as others will be doing it in some other place. His retreat will be directed by Father Benoît Mwananyembo, a visiting priest, who is in mission in the Maghreb (Algeria). We continue asking for your prayers.
United in Christ.
Yours faithfully, Paul Kitha Makambi
Pictures: Humphrey Mukuka

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Paul Kitha’s knee operation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire