2017 MIMSAF Calendar

Celebration of the 125 years of the Catholic Church in Zambia 1891—2016.

Moving Together in Christ’s Love and Mercy.

2017-mimsaf-calendar-01On the 19th July 1891, the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), who were on their way to Lake Tanganyika coming from Mponda in Malawi, stopped at a nearby place on the land of chief Mambwe.

When one of them fell ill, they settled on this land in an abandoned house belonging to the African Lakes Company. This was the beginning of Mambwe-Mwela Mission; the first Catholic foundation in Zambia. In July 1895, the Missionaries of Africa moved to Kayambi.

The Catholic Church has begun in 2016 a yearlong celebration of thanksgiving for these 125 years of God’s Love and Mercy. Mass for the National launch took place at Mambwe-Mwela on the 6th August. All Dioceses and Lay Groups have been encouraged to line up Thanksgiving Spiritual Exercises, especially pilgrimages, to the nearest early mission parishes in their respective Dioceses. The closing Mass for this yearlong celebration is taking place in Lusaka on the 15th July 2017.

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MIMSAF LOGO_modifié-1Objectives of MIMSAF:  – To be fully involved in the work of the Church through the works of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. – To know and participate in the spirituality of Missionaries of Africa. – To facilitate the smooth cultural transition of incoming missionaries into our Zambian culture. – To mobilise resources to support missionary work within and outside Zambia. – To network and collaborate with other organisations and religious groups with similar objectives locally and internationally. – To promote ecumenism and interreligious dialogue. – To collaborate in spiritual and social events. – To promote and support Missionary vocations for the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

 The 2017 MIMSAF is on sale at the cost of 20 kwacha. Please contact Mr Joseph Kamanga through e-mail: mimsafzambia@gmail.com

stan-lubungo_jpegThe Catholic Church in Zambia started a yearlong celebration on the 6th August 2016 to mark the 125 years of its existence. The first missionaries were few. They encounter great difficulties and challenges. Their courage and faith have brought blessings in this part of the world. Today, 28 Missionaries of Africa of Zambian nationality are themselves spreading the Word of God in other parts of Africa with the same spirit as their predecessors.

In 2016, one of them, Father Stanley Lubungo, was elected as Superior General of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. He is the first Zambian missionary to become Superior General. We thank the Lord for such a gift, 125 years after the arrival of the first missionaries in Mambwe-Mwela in 1891.



MIMSAF recollection on Consecrated Life

MIMSAF-Recollection-June-2015-01A dozen members of the Lay Association of the Missionaries of Africa (MIMSAF) had a recollection on Saturday June 20 under the theme of Consecrated Life. The theme appealed to them as the first consecration of our Christian life comes from our baptism. Invited to be vigilant, Saint Paul is commanding us to God and his WORD that can build us up, that has the power to make us grow. We are all consecrated and remain so as long as we work hard to support the weak. (Acts of the Apostles 20: 28-38)

Jesus himself in John 17: 11-19 is passing on to us the WORD of his Father. It is the same WORD which has the power to build us up. But Jesus is warning us that fierce wolves are perverting the truth in search of imposing their earthly power or domination. It can be financial, political, ideological or even religious. All of them lead to exclusion, extremism, fanaticism and death.

We are in that world but not IN the world because of our consecration. We are consecrated in the truth as long as we work hard and help or support the weak.


Through meaningful community and family life.

Through respectful sharing of ideas, inspirations and visions.

Through faithfulness to our vows, promises and commitments.

Through prayers and joyful spirit.

Through faith and love as the Servant Jesus has taught us to be, in self-giving for the kingdom of God.


Launch of “the year of consecrated life and integral development” at Marian Shrine, 7th February 2015

Marian Shrine event 27By Prudentia Mumbi and Theresa Sikateyo

It was wonderful to see Missionaries of Africa (M.Afr), Missionaries Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA), and Missionaries with Missionaries of Africa (MIMSAF) at one corner explaining to the many Catholic Priests and Religious and the Laity what our charism, vision and mission is. The exhibit side of MIMSAF was placed between M.Afr and MSOLA. Prudentia Mumbia, Theresa Sikateyo, Phillip Chimponda and our Chaplain Fr. Vitalis Dero Owino represented all members of MIMSAF.

 “If we will not document it, it will be difficult to show that we participated in the launch of the year’s theme: The Year of Consecrated Life and Integral Development Held at Marian Shrine”.

It sounded like impossible when the Provincial Fr. Christopher Chileshe challenged MIMSAF to position itself in the works of the Missionaries of Africa especially during the launch of the year’s theme where all congregations were expected to participate and show case their charisms.  

The day was characterized by talks from Priests, Religious and the Laity. In addition to the talk’s there were exhibitions of what each congregation is involved in trying to explain their charism and how they translated their charism to the theme of the year. One could pick a number of touching phrases to learn from as each speaker spoke: * Origin of Consecrated Life; bear witness, put lives at the service, rooted in the Trinity. * Like Christ in the Kingdom of God “for to me to live is Christ” Phil 1. * Jesus example of obedience – Doing the will of God. * Look at the past with gratitude. * Live the present with passion. * Embrace the future with hope. * Translate the gospel into a particular way of life. * Reflect on our charisms; look at the difficulties, challenges and learn from them; confess to the Church, ourselves and the people we serve. * Examine our fidelity to the Mission entrusted to us. * As ministers be in tuned to what our founders had. * Passion for Humanity and Christ * listening to what the Spirit is saying to us today.

Challenges were outlined: * Openness to be challenged by the gospel. * Live radically and sincerity. * Jesus our first and only love. * Decreasing vocation; economic and globalization. Let’s not blame one another but we have to be together and dialogue.

What is the source of our joy?

God is enough for me (St. Teresa of Avila). * Authenticity; another source of our joy. * What am I supposed to do?

The exhibitions were colorful and very educative.

Link: Launching of the year dedicated to consecrated life – Marian Shrine – Lusaka, February 07, 2015

Marian Shrine event 27c

MIMSAF Celebrates Family Day – 3rd January 2015

MIMSAF LOGO_modifié-1By Theresa Sikateyo

Families of the Lay Association of the Missionaries of Africa in Zambia, MIMSAF, came together to celebrate their annual event “Family Day” on 3rd January 2015 at St Lawrence Parish, Lusaka where Fr. Toon van Kessel is Parish Priest. The occasion was prayerful and educative. Day activities included Mass which was celebrated by the Provincial, Fr. Christopher Chileshe and concelebrated by Fr. Mark Nsanzurwimo and MIMSAF Chaplain Fr. Owino D. Vitalis.

Input on the mission of the Missionaries of Africa facilitated by the Provincial Fr. Christopher Chileshe.  “In 2010, he said, we described ourselves as “Men of hope”; we meditate on Christ’s incarnation and are inspired by Him to proclaim and promote a better world”. He described the mission around two themes. Encounter / Dialogue with cultures different from Christianity (ED) and Justice and Peace, Integrity of Creation (JPIC). The input was described as being very informative and gave a better understanding of what the Missionaries of Africa are involved in”. 

The provincial also reminded and invited the MIMSAF Family to join the Religious in celebrating the year of Consecrated life which has been declared by Pope Francis. The Launch for Lusaka Archdiocese is scheduled for 7th February, 2015 at the Marian Shrine and MIMSAF was encouraged to take part.

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MIMSAF Recollection – 19th July 2014

MIMSAF LOGO_modifié-1MIMSAF members are reminder for the recollection which will be on 19th July 2014 at St Bonaventure Chapel in Makeni.  The recollection will start at 09:00 hours and will be led by the MIMSAF Chaplain Fr. Vitalis Owino.
Please bring your bible and a light lunch.
For people requiring transport to Makeni (especially from Kabwata) please be at the Kabwata Parish at 08:00 hrs departure at 08:30 hrs.
For more information please contact Mr Phillip Chimponda.
Please remember also to bring the K100 contribution towards the ordination of Emmanuel Mubanga in Minga.
Mrs. Sikateyo, MIMSAF Secretary