Sudden passing of our little sister Memory Mwamba

Its is with sadness that I announce to you the sudden passing on yesterday of our little sister Memory Mwamba. She was the immediate young sister of our stagaire Lefterius Mwamba in Burkina. Its so sad because shortly before I left Zambia last year the immediate young sister to Memory and the last born Claire died in my arms too. Its is very heavy for the family and Lefterius as well. May we keep the family in prayers. The funeral is in Serenje. May the soul of Memory rest in eternal peace.
Francis Kangwa M.Afr

Friday, 11th December 2015

Lefterius Kalonga Mwamba 2015_JPEG“I am deeply touched by the spiritual and moral support that I have received from all of you at the occasion of the death of my beloved sister and friend Memory who was put to rest on. This moment just like the recent ones has been particularly tough for me and for our family. I would love to whole-heartedly convey a word of recognition to my home province “SAP” and to you for this gesture which has given me Hope. On behalf of our family and on my own behalf I say THANK YOU, NATASHA MUKWAI. May Our Faithful Lord Jesus bless us all.”

I received calls, emails and text messages, not forgetting WhatsApp Messages, I was reconverted in a way. Followed the informative post on the SAP blog with the touching comments.

Fraternally, Lefterius Kalonga Mwamba