25th anniversary of Kolibo Vocation Centre and end of 2015 candidacy course.

Kolobo 25 years 04Dear Missionaries of Africa, Missionaries Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, M.Afr students and ex-students, MIMSAF members, parents and friends. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the existence of Kolibo Vocation Centre in Serenje. A special Mass was celebrated on the 14th June coinciding with the closing of the 2015 candidacy course which ended in a good mood. For now, the students are on leave waiting for the opening of their academic year in Balaka, Malawi, for Philosophy.

25 years is truly a blessing. May the Lord blesses our work of promoting vocations for the Church of Christ.

Camille Konkobo, M.Afr, Vocation and Missionary Animator in Zambia.

Names of the candidates who participated to the 2015 candidacy course: From Mozambique: Gineto Xavier Penicera, Rafael Gabriel Benjamin Campira, José Manuel Castiao Quissimisse. From Zambia: Darious Mwape (Mansa), Cuthbert Chilalika (Ndola), Kelvin Mutalala, George Kunda and Reagan Chola (Chingola), Louis Kangwa (Kasama), Vincent Mutale (Chongwe) and Sandram Mwanza (Mukushi).

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Kolibo Vocation Centre, Zambia

Jean-Baptiste_Colibeault_4By Francis Kangwa, M.Afr – Zambia
Kolibo Vocation Centre is a Pre-First Phase Centre based in Serenje, some 440 km North of Lusaka, Zambia.
This Centre was opened in 1990 and it came about as a result of the growing numbers of young people who showed interest in the way of life of the Missionaries of Africa. Thus, the idea of coming up with this Centre was to give these young men a favourable environment where they would have ample time to discover their vocation. The purpose of Kolibo Centre was to guide these young men in the process of discernment, while also preparing them for formation.
The Centre is named after Fr. Jean-Marie Colibault. In the ears of the local people, Colibault sounded like “Kolibo” and that is how they started to call him. Fr. Colibault (Kolibo) was an extremely zealous Missionary who worked in the Luapula Province of Zambia. For the people, be they Catholics or members of other denominations, Fr. Colibault was not only zealous but also a saint. He was a man of prayer and it was through prayer that he found strength to continue his work with great fervour and commitment. Naming the Centre after Fr. Colibault (Kolibo) was a way of emulating him and inspiring young people who would pass through the Centre with his passion for the Mission. READ FULL TEXT HERE
Centre vocationnel Kolibo, Zambie
Francis Kangwa, M.Afr, Directeur vocationnel – Zambie.
Le Centre vocationnel Kolibo est une maison de propédeutique à Serenje, à quelque 440 km au nord de Lusaka, Zambie.
Ce centre fut ouvert en 1990 pour répondre au nombre croissant de jeunes intéressés au style de vie des Missionnaires d’Afrique. L’idée de base de ce centre était donc d’offrir un environnement favorable à ces jeunes, où ils auraient le temps nécessaire pour découvrir leur vocation. Le but du centre était de guider ces jeunes dans un processus de discernement, ainsi que de les préparer à la formation.
Le centre tient son nom du Père Jean-Marie Colibault. Le nom de ce dernier sonnant comme “Kolibo” aux oreilles des gens, ceux-ci commencèrent à l’appeler ainsi. Le Père Colibault (Kolibo) fut un missionnaire très zélé qui travailla dans la province de Luapula en Zambie. Pour les gens, catholiques ou d’autres dénominations, le Père Colibault était non seulement un missionnaire zélé mais un saint. Il fut un homme de prière et par elle, il trouva la force de continuer son travail avec ferveur et dévouement. Appeler le centre de son nom était une manière d’inviter les jeunes qui y habiteraient à l’imiter et à s’inspirer de sa passion pour la mission. TEXT COMPLET