Tragic death of Bishop Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza in Mzuzu, Malawi

Rt. Rev. Martin Mtumbuka and Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza
Rt. Rev. Martin Mtumbuka and Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza

Dear All,
I just received the sad news from Filiyanus Ekka that Bishop Zuza died earlier this afternoon.
Filiyanus, one of our confrères, was travelling back to Mzuzu from Lilongwe by bus when he saw the bishop’s car by the side of the road.  He got the driver to stop.  Found that the bishop had had some sort of accident and was thrown out of the car. It appears the car had rolled and was in the ditch.
Filiyanus-Samson-Richard-Ch - CopyFiliyanus managed to phone Richard Dery, our stagiaire in Mzuzu, and somehow arranged transport to take him to St John’s Hospital Mzuzu.  The bishop was conscious all the way and was talking.  From what  said he died in his arms in the hospital.
The details of what happened are not clear.  Filiyanus is still in shock and is at the hospital.
Let us keep Bishop Zuza in our prayers.  He was a great friend of the White Fathers and will be sadly missed by everyone.  May he rest in peace.
Will keep you updated on what happens.
Yours, William Turnbull, Delegate Superior, Malawi

The Official Launch of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish – Mzuzu- Zolozolo- Malawi.

Zolozolo July 2014 07_modifié-1“Fumu Yane na Chiuta Wane (My Lord and My God) Jn. 20-28.” This particular sentence of St. Thomas the Apostle in the Gospel according to St. John moved all the Christians of Mzuzu diocese with happiness as they received the new born baby St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.
Two Bishops Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza the chair of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi who hails from Mzuzu Diocese and Rt. Rev. Martin Mtumbuka the Bishop of Karonga were vividly present to launch the new St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. The Sector superior of Malawi sector Fr. Bill Turnbull was present to witness launch and supported the confreres in various ways. Many Christian faithful from different Christian denomination were actively present for the launching liturgical celebration for the feast agape. Various Christian denominations made contribution in cash and kind to support the new parish.
The official Launch of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish was the special event for all the Christians of Mzuzu Diocese that is why there were representatives from various parishes, the mother cathedral parish St. Peter was extremely happy because the new St. Thomas the Apostle parish is her begotten child. All the Christians from St. Peter’s parish came to support us. It is the sign of great UNITY of all the parishes in Mzuzu Diocese.
 The City Council of Mzuzu, The Defence Army, Malawi Police and various media (Malawi T.V. and Radio) were present to give the good example of solidarity and unity. We thank God Almighty with sincerity of heart for giving us the great gift of new parish. 

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