A Few Lines of Gratitude

Jean-Guy-Jim-Robi-add2Thank you Zambia! You have put the fire back into our hearts. You have rejuvenated our spirits. You have given us a sense of well-being. You have affirmed us as Missionaries of Africa as we slowly enter the winter of our lives.
Thank you for your warm welcome.
Thank you especially to all our confrères from the Provincial and his staff to all the young men we met who were on their journey from the novitiate to their respective countries to begin their stage experience.
We were amazed at the changes that have taken place since the 27 years that I’ve been away and Jean Guy’s seven.
Our eyes were wide open at the site of cars, traffic jams, asphalt roads, cell phone, TV dishes, soap, cooking oil, salt, water, cheese, flour, cement, iron sheets, etc. being so plentiful.
We enjoyed all our Zambian friends we met. Their warmth and hospitality is still the same.
During the Communion hymn, which was being sung by the local congregation, Jean Guy shared with me with tears in his eyes “it’s at a moment like this that we realize what we have given up by accepting to do home service.” That says it all.
United in Him. God is good!
Gene and Jean Guy
Link: Visit of Jean-Guy Labrecque and Jean-Claude Robitaille to Zambia and farewell to Jules Roy

Visit of Jean-Guy Labrecque and Jean-Claude Robitaille to Zambia and farewell to Jules Roy

Jean-Guy-Jim-Robi-08Jean-Guy Labrecque and Jean-Claude Robitaille came back to Zambia for a short visit of two weeks after seven years absence for Jean-Guy and twenty-seven years for Jean-Claude. They travelled together to the North of the country that they knew very well. Jean-Claude could speak Chibemba without any problem as he has kept the language alive with a friend of him from Zambia who lives in the Unite-States. Both of them were impress by the economic progress of the country. Indeed, it was a great moment and an opportunity to discover a new reality, at least something different than what they knew. We hope to hear again from them soon.
Together with them, Jules Roy made his last farewell to Zambia after 51 years of missionary life. A large gathering took place yesterday night with the presence of the Archbishop Mpundu of Lusaka and close friends of Jules Roy. We wish him a nice retirement in Canada.
Below, some confreres wishing them a safe journey back home. Departure time from Woodlands: Thursday the 31st July 2014 at 14:30.

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