Open Day at Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art

Kungoni LogoJean-Baptiste Champmartin 1908Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art was establish in 1976 by Claude Boucher Chisale at Mua Mission to celebrate the wealth of Malawi’s cultural and artistic inheritance.
The first Saturday of August is devoted to an of public thanksgiving in which all those who have contributed to the life of Kungoni Centre and Mua Mission over the years are remembered in song and dance. The Open Day is named in honour of Jean-Baptiste Champmartin (Bambo Chamare), who served at Mua Mission from 1908 till 1949.

Each year a team is chosen for the Open Day. The theme of 2013 was about ‘change’. The celebration offers a reflection on the Chewa proverbs that advises cautious acceptance in the face of ‘change’: “Time cannot be stopped. When you see what is new, don’t through away the past!”
Join us in reliving the Open Day of 3rd August 2013 with the following DVDs: Inculturated Eucharistic Celebration (Vol. 1). Chisudzo: A play to measure the present by reflection on the past (Vol. 2). Cultural Danse (Vol. 3). 
Takulandirani! You are welcome! 
The next Open Day will be held at Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art on Saturday the 2nd August 2014.

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