Lavigerie’s Day in Mozambique

lavigeries-day-2016-02The Sector of Mozambique decided to celebrate the Lavigerie’s Day on the 25th November 2016 even though the yearly commemoration is on the 26th. We all met, confreres and stagiaires, at the Sector House in Beira. 

We had a talk about the Post-Capitular Acts in the morning. It was an interesting sharing about our vision as a Society for the coming years. In the afternoon, Padre Hugh Seenan gave a short history of our presence in Mozambique from May 1946 up to now, meaning 70 years this year. Pierre Lukusa presided Mass for the Cardinal in the evening. We were joined by two SVDs, one of whom, Fr Philly, was celebrating his birthday, and two FMMs.

The day finished with a lovely meal organised by Bosco Nigibira. It was a perfect finish to a lovely day.

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There is a time for everything.

By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire at Dombe Parish.

As the book of Ecclesiastics says; “there is a time for everything”. Indeed, after waiting about two months, I finally got my visa for Mozambique. I left Zambia on 23rd September and reached Beira on the same day through Zimbabwe. I was warmly welcomed by the Sector Superior Boris Yabre and Hugh Seenan.

jean-de-dieu-bukuruI came just in time to take part in the monthly recollection attended by 32 religious, priests, seminarians, permanent deacons and catechists from three parishes. One of our confreres, Jean de Dieu Bukuru, gave a talk about the compassion of God in the Scriptures; “O pão da Vida é o pão da misericordia”. It was appreciated by everyone. We ended our recollection with Mass presided by Jean de Dieu and a permanent Deacon. This happened just before starting my language course on Monday 3rd October 2016.

Glory and praise to the Lord and thanks to you all, especially Woodlands’ community, for the time I have been in Zambia. May God bless us all and bless the mission he has assigned to each one of us.

Link: My stay at the Provincial house in Lusaka at Woodlands.

70th Anniversary Celebrations of Murraça Parish and the White Fathers in Mozambique.

fr-charles-pollet-2By Hugh Seenan (Parish Priest of Murraça 2004-2007)

On the 4th September 2016, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, our first parish in Mozambique, celebrated 70 years of its foundation. The first group of White Fathers, Albert Garin, Charles Pollet, Cesar Bertulli and Paolo Marostica founded the parish on the 5th June 1946, meaning as well that 2016 marks 70 years of the White Fathers in Mozambique. The initial location was Magagade 18km from the present location in Murraça, the name it is now famous for. Murraça is on the opposite bank of the Zambezi where the Chire enters the river.

Archbishop Claudio Dalla Zuanna, Archbishop of Beira, led the celebrations. The day also marked the celebration for the Year of Mercy for the parishes along the River Zambezi, many founded from Murraça. A Vigil on the Saturday Night marked the start of the celebrations. The pilgrims passed through the Holy Door parish by parish.  Unfortunately, because of the war only a small group of pilgrims could come from Beira.  A carful came with the Archbishop making a long detour via Maringue and Sena to avoid the military convoy. A handful of us travelled by passenger train that up to now has not been attacked as it passes through the war zone. This included António Dina, who belongs to the first group who completed primary school in Murraça. He said a few words at the end of Mass speaking warmly of our first confreres and their successors. All had a great day.

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Theological week in Nazaré, June 2014, Mozambique

Theo week Mozambique 2014Nazaré Centre organised its 19th « semana teológica » or its theological week from the 16th till the 20th June 2014 under the topic: “A Familia Em Mocambique, Desafios Para O Terceiro Milenio” translated by: “a family in Mozambique, challenge for the third millennium”.
People came from different areas of Mozambique such as Beira, Chimoio, Tete, Nacala, Quelimane, Inhambane and Maputo. Inputs, group works and the plenary helped the discussions surrounding family life; its challenges and what the Church is saying about it looking into various documents such as Vatican II, Familiaris consortio, Ecclesia in Africa and Africae Munus. The questionnaire of the synod “so Desafios pastorais da família no contexto da evangelização” was also explained.
The family remains the cell of life where human beings give birth and develop. In this third millennium, we are invited to take into consideration the importance of living together as a family and to rediscover its value and identity, both human and spiritual.   
Hugh SeenanFernando Perez 2014On the 29th June, the compound of the church of Inhamizua / Beira was full of joy and dance. There was something unusual on that Sunday Mass. Fathers Hugh Seenan and Fernando Pérez were celebrating respectively 25 years and 50 years of priestly ordination. The thanksgiving song was followed by many gifts from the parishioners where Hugo and Fernando worked. That day was also the official launch of the Friends of the Missionaries of Africa in Mozambique (AMAMO). 
Florent Sawadogo, Dombe parish, Mozambique