Father Raphael Gasimba, M.Afr, new Parish Priest for Dombe, Mozambique.


By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire.

The Provincial of SAP, Felix Phiri, and our Provincial Delegate, Boris Yabré, were in Dombe on the 22nd January 2017, to witness the appointment of Raphael Gasimba as Parish Priest in replacement of Jean de Dieu Bukuru who has been appointed as Treasurer Delegate in Beira. Bishop Francis Don Silota of Chimoio presided the Eucharistic celebration and Boris Yabré read the letter of appointment in front of the parishioners. Symbolically, Jean de Dieu handed over his charges as Parish Priest to Raphael by removing his chasuble with the help of the Provincial. Then, they dressed up together Raphael who took over the liturgy. The Missionaries of Africa asked Our Lady of Africa to intercede for him and to protect him during his ministry by singing the “Sancta Maria”. The Provincial encouraged him in his new charge and congratulated both confreres for their service and their dedication to the mission in Dombe. “May the Good Shepherd help you and guide you in this mission,” he concluded.

There is a time for everything.

By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire at Dombe Parish.

As the book of Ecclesiastics says; “there is a time for everything”. Indeed, after waiting about two months, I finally got my visa for Mozambique. I left Zambia on 23rd September and reached Beira on the same day through Zimbabwe. I was warmly welcomed by the Sector Superior Boris Yabre and Hugh Seenan.

jean-de-dieu-bukuruI came just in time to take part in the monthly recollection attended by 32 religious, priests, seminarians, permanent deacons and catechists from three parishes. One of our confreres, Jean de Dieu Bukuru, gave a talk about the compassion of God in the Scriptures; “O pão da Vida é o pão da misericordia”. It was appreciated by everyone. We ended our recollection with Mass presided by Jean de Dieu and a permanent Deacon. This happened just before starting my language course on Monday 3rd October 2016.

Glory and praise to the Lord and thanks to you all, especially Woodlands’ community, for the time I have been in Zambia. May God bless us all and bless the mission he has assigned to each one of us.

Link: My stay at the Provincial house in Lusaka at Woodlands.

Birthday celebration for Raphael Gasimba, M.Afr, in Mozambique

raphael-gasimba-anniversary-2016-04By Dimitri Yampa, stagiaire in Dombe Parish

The 29th September was really a symbolic day for our community in Dombe. We are lucky to have an archangel with us, meaning Padre Raphael Gasimba who was celebrating his 58th birthday anniversary and his patron feast. The whole community was very happy. The celebration was held in the evening when we welcomed our Brothers and Sisters of the “Obra the Maria”, “Fazenda da Esperança”, little Sisters of Mary Immaculate and two other Brothers from Zimbabwe who wish to join the Missionaries of Africa. Everyone was involved in the preparation of the evening party; songs, cake, one (but only one!) bottle of champagne. Wonderful time to celebrate life joyfully. May the intercession of the archangels Raphael, Miguel and Gabriel bring many more fruitful missionary years to Father Gasimba.

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