Declaration of Intent of Guelord Mahongole Luvuluholo, Kasama, Zambia

Guelord`s Declaration of Intent Jan 16 02bFr Michael Mawelera, M.Afr
Last Sunday, 24th January, 2016, at the 7.00 AM Mass, our stagiaire Guelord Mahongole Luvuluholo renewed his Declaration of Intent in the presence of Fr Francis Bomannsan who represented the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, Fr Michael Mawelera, animator of St. Charles’ Community to which Guelord belongs and Fr Luc Antaya, Parish Priest of St. Anne’s Parish in which Guelord does his ‘stage’ experience.
The ceremony itself was simple but prayerful, solemn and meaningful. In the evening the confreres of Lualuo Spiritual Formation Centre and those of St. Charles’ gathered together for supper at St. Charles in honour of Guelord.
The St. Anne’s Parish community and the confreres in Kasama are happy that Guelord has made this step in his formation process. We pray for, support and encourage him to continue pursuing his vocation in the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

Declaration of Intent of Audace Niyonsaba

Declaration Intent Audace Dec 2015 17bThe stagiaire Audace Niyonsaba, Burundian, made his declaration of intent on Christmas Day 2015 at Good Shepherd Parish in Kabwata, Lusaka. Witnessing officially the event on behalf of the Missionaries of Africa were Fathers Venerato Babaine and Adelarde Munishi. The Christian communities was very pleased to share the joy of Audace together with the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

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Declaration Intent Audace Dec 2015 10b

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Declaration of Intent of Frédéric Somda in Kitwe, Zambia

Frédéric Somda Declaration of Intent 2014 13 copieGreetings! My declaration of intent went on well on the 1st February 2015 in Kitwe. Fr. Felix Kamunenge, the Parish Priest, received it with joy on behalf of the Provincial. The parishioners supported me with good songs and prayers. To God be the glory for his goodness to me. These are some photos of the event:

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Greetings from Victor Sambari Sanou, stagiaire at Saint Anne Parish in Kasama, Zambia

Victor Sanou_modifié-2I renewed my Declaration of Intent on the 14th December after three days of silence and meditation. This is an important step for me. It gave me an opportunity to have a look at my vocations’ journey. I was inspired by the passage of John 1, 35-51: “We have found the Messiah”. After five years of discernment with the Missionaries of Africa, I still feel the need to look into my motivations, my desires and my personality. I still continue my journey to follow Jesus Christ and to answer his call.

This third Sunday of Advent, I was happy to renew my Declaration of Intent during the English Mass. I felt the support of the parishioners and the novices from Lua-Luo formation house. I am not alone in my search. In his homely, Father Pierre Lafollie emphasised on the humility of John the Baptist, the messenger of Jesus Christ.

I am ready to continue following Jesus. I am listening to Him by welcoming his message. I pray for myself and for my fellow stagiares. May The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of vocations intercedes for us.

I thank my community members for their help and fraternal correction. I thank my Delegate Superior and Provincial for the care they show to all of us. I thank our Brother Venerato Babaine, the Coordinator of the stagiares, for his dedication and zeal in travelling long distances and to listen to us. May God continue to call young people to join the Missionaries of Africa.

Declaration of Intent of Philippe Dakono at Kabwata Parish

 Blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allow me to introduce myself in few lines for those who don’t know me. I am Philippe Dakono, originally from Mali. I started my formation journey in 2009 in our first cycle in Ouagadougou. After 3 years of philosophy I was then appointed in Arusha for my spiritual year. I was among the pioneers of Arusha. We basically started Arusha as a spiritual year centre. By October 2012, I was making my official entry into the society of the Missionaries of Africa by receiving the laws and constitutions of the Society. And in December 2012, I made an important step in the process of my formation by making my declaration of Intent. I was then appointed to Zambia, Lusaka for my pastoral experience of 2 years (stage). 

 Right now I am living in a community of four, soon five, in Kabwata Parish. So for, I have been enjoying my pastoral within and beyond the Parish. That is why after deepening my relationship with our Lord Jesus and acquiring a better knowledge of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, I decided to renew my declaration of Intent yesterday at our Good Shepherd Parish. It was in the presence of Fr Jaya Mrutyun, Zambia sector counsellor who came to receive the declaration, of my confreres and also in the presence of my spiritual companion and of the entire people of Good Shepherd Parish.

I give thanks and praise to God for the gift of life and for the gift of my vocation. Thanks as well to all of you for walking on my side. May God bless You. 

Philippe Dakono