Death of Sister Cecilia Mulenga, Sacred Heart Sister.

Sister Cecilia Mulenga - died 19-02-2016A terrible car accident happened on the New Year’s Eve, 31st December 2015, between Mukushi and Serenje.  On their way from the funeral of their nephew, who himself was hit by a car few days before, Sister Francis Wapakwenda, SCJ., Ls, 78 years old, and a cousin called Abigail died in a car accident. The later, pregnant, died on her way to the hospital. In the same accident, Sister Cecilia Mulenga, aged 43, was critically injured. She was operated on her neck in Lusaka and recovered for this surgery. But other complications occurred while she was treated. She died on Friday afternoon the 19th February 2016 around 17:30 at St. Jean-Paul II Hospital in Lusaka. She has been with ups and downs since the accident largely paralysed from the neck. But she was showing good spirit on Friday morning; “I will be dancing tonight,” she said. Indeed, she is dancing now in heaven.

Sister Cecilia was the Vocation Promoter of the Sacred Heart Sisters. She was the first Zambian to join the Congregation and made part of her formation in the Philippines. She worked on the isle of Cebu for two years.

The Missionaries of Africa invited the Sacred Heart Sisters to come to Zambia in 1956 and remain close to each other ever since. The funerals will take place at Mary Immaculate church in Woodlands, Lusaka, on Tuesday 23rd February at 9:00. The burial will take place in Kasisi, few kilometres from the International Airport of Lusaka.

We pray for them all, their families and the Sacred Heart Sisters. Note that Sister Francis Wapakwenda was the aunt of Sister Cecilia who was present at the farewell party for Father Jean-Pierre Sauge which took place on April 25, 2015.