Towards the 150th anniversary of our foundation – Letter 4 – December 01, 2016

m-afr-and-m-s-o-l-a-logo-pngDear Sisters and Brothers,

We are all preparing for the 8th December, our family feast. On this day, we can look back on our first year of preparation for the 150th Anniversary of our foundation which started on 30th of April 2016. Let us thank God for the reflections and prayers we were able to hold together. The rereading of parts of our common history has led us to gratitude for our common charism and to reconciliation among ourselves. Wherever this happened, our ties have been strengthened. This movement leads us naturally to the theme chosen for the second year that will begin on 9th December 2016: “To live our common charism together today with passion”.

We understand this as our willingness to be prophetic in our way of living and in our way of acting.

This year, both our Institutes have taken a long loving look at the present and discerned what God could be asking of us today. How can we actualize our charism? During the General Chapter, for the Missionaries of Africa, and during the Enlarged Council, for the Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa, both Institutes discerned the apostolic choices to which we feel called today.

The areas identified were: “dialogue and encounter”, “care of the environment”, “modern slavery and human trafficking”, “migrants”.

Together we want to become even more conscious of what is happening, where we are in relation to the above, what are the calls that we perceive. As members of the same Lavigerie family, we want to collaborate so as to seek solutions and ways of acting together. We want to make prophetic gestures which do not always need to be very extraordinary, but which are meaningful and can be seen as such by others. We want to involve, where possible, the groups of collaborators, friends, and associates. It is for us an opportunity to fortify our missionary spirit together.

We know that in many countries, our communities come together to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. On that day, you could program when to meet throughout 2017 in order to discern the calls you feel in your context and to think of prophetic gestures that can be carried out together.

The coordinating committee will help us celebrate this coming year.

We are sure that in this way, Cardinal Lavigerie and Mother Marie-Salomé will recognise their sons and daughters. Happy feast day on the 8th December, and may Christmas be for us a call to live with passion our charism today!

Your sister and brother in the Lord and in Lavigerie.

Sr. Carmen Sammut, MSOLA                                     Fr. Stanley Lubungo, M.Afr

Superior General                                                          Superior General


Visit of the Superior General of the MSOLA Sisters in Chinsapo, Malawi

Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care 01Thanks to Father Julio Feliu who sent few pictures from St. Denis Ssebuggwawo Parish in Lilongwe. The Superior General of the MSOLA, Sister Carmen Sammut, together with Sister Maria del Carmen Ocon Moteno, General Assistant and the Provincial, Sister Margaret Kennedy.
On their last leg, they came to see the work that Dr Catherine Booth is doing at Rainbow Home Based Care Centre.
The youngsters were delighted with their visit and so were the visitors. “Pity we do not have Sisters for such programme” is the same answer of every Congregation of Sisters coming to see us.

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Global sisters leader: Pope calls us to move, make a difference


Sr. Carmen Sammut, the president of the International Union of Superiors General, is seen in her office at the union's Rome headquarters Sept. 30. (NCR photo/Joshua J. McElwee)
Sr. Carmen Sammut, the president of the International Union of Superiors General, is seen in her office at the union’s Rome headquarters Sept. 30. (NCR photo/Joshua J. McElwee)

Pope Francis is calling on Catholics “not to remain static” and to choose how they can make a difference for others, the leader of a group of 600,000 Catholic sisters and nuns around the world said.

The pope, Sr. Carmen Sammut said recently, is giving the world “great hope.”
“It’s like a window opening toward something new, where the church is more seen as people of God, not just the hierarchy,” Sammut said. “It’s fascinating. You want to know what’s going to happen next.”