Caritas Zambia Press Statement on MPs Resignations

Dear all,
Kindly receive a timely Press Statement issued by Caritas Zambia on the continued, wasteful and unwarranted by-elections being caused by MPs who are behaving like political prostitutes.
Fraternally Yours in Christ,
Fr. Cleophas

Caritas Zambia… As we have already done on many occasions, we appeal to government to stop encouraging MP resignations through promises of jobs and other privileges. Where is the lean government the people of Zambia were promised if ministerial jobs are open for purchasing political patronage? It is shameful to see very high ranking government officials dancing and jubilating at MP resignation forums with full knowledge of the harm by-elections are causing on the weakest of our society. This is immoral and an act of inconsistency for a government that has proclaimed an option for the poor as a cornerstone of its governance values. The Zambian society must treat this behaviour with scorn and strong condemnation. READ MORE