JCTR urges caution on 2013 budget management

JCTR LusakaPress Release 15thAugust 2013
On Sunday 11 August, 2013, the Minister of Finance Honourable Alexander Chikwanda, held a briefing on fiscal and other treasury matters. The briefing was partly in response to various concerns bordering on the performance of the 2013 budget thus far. 
Different sections of society have expressed fears suggesting a looming or actual budget deficit beyond the 2013 budget provision of 4.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). “While the government made assurances that the perceived budget deficit is within manageable limits, it is important that the government is seen to manage the deficit in ways that do not worsen the livelihoods of the majority poor’’, notes Daniel Mutale, Social Conditions programme manager. READ MORE

JCTR urges government to tackle escalating cost of food

JCTR LusakaPress Release, 9th July 2013

JCTR urges government to tackle escalating cost of food

In May 2013, government sequentially scrapped off fuel and maize subsidies contending that the measure would free resources for infrastructure development and poverty reduction among others. This change in subsidies has generated a debate with various actors voicing varying views.

At household level, the effects of the subsidies removal on prices of basic commodities are still being felt two months afterwards. According to Daniel Mutale, Social conditions programme manager, ‘‘the effects of removal of subsidies on basic food items are deepening.’’ This calls for an urgent response to address the rising food costs. READ MORE


JCTR calls for a holistic approach in tackling Mealie-meal prices.

JCTR LusakaPress Release, 5th April 2013

The affordability and accessibility of mealie-meal has been a topical issue for sometime. This is not surprising given that mealie-meal is a staple food for the majority Zambians. It is therefore not surprising that the commodity of such strategic importance continues to attract attention from various stakeholders. READ MORE

CfSC Basic Needs Basket Analytical report for January 2013 – Malawi

Rural Basic Needs Basket Analytical report for January 2013 in Malawi shows that the majority of rural households are poor since they are living below a dollar a day.
During the month of February, CfSC’s Rural BNB project conducted a Rapid Rural Appraisal in its operation areas to assess the availability and prices of maize. It was found out that maize prices ranged between MK 7000 and MK 10,000 a bag of 50 kg. This was too much expensive for a rural household. Those who had no or too little maize and money resorted into consuming maize bran. Those who had completely nothing, slept on an empty stomach or could even consume leafy vegetables only. READ MORE
Maize scacity bites rural population
Press statement published in the Daily Times of 21st March, 2013

CJTR Lusaka Press Release February 2013

JCTR LusakaJCTR Press Release 22 February 2013

Persistent late delivery of farming inputs harmful to food security, says the JCTR
Timely delivery of farming inputs such as seeds is crucial to ensuring a good harvest. The delivery of adequate and timely inputs by the government is important to many small-scale farmers who continue to heavily rely on the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP). This is why the delivery of farming inputs continues to attract attention from both the government and non-governmental stakeholders. READ MORE