Death of Father Bernard Poisson.

Bernard Poisson 2014Father Patrick Bataille, Provincial Delegate of the sector of France, informs you of the return to the Lord of Father Bernard Poisson on Wednesday the 17th May 2017 at Billère (Pau – France) at the age of 91 years, of which 66 years of missionary life in Zambia and in France.


Distinction Poisson

Jubilees of confreres who were or still are in SAP – 2015

Oswald Payant 100 years 0275 years of Oath

1940-06-22 Fr. Payant Oswald, Canada/Sherbrooke – was in Mansa

65 years of Oath

1950-06-27 Fr. Bédard Gaétan Canada/Montréal – was in Kasama.

1950-06-27 Fr. Fitzgerald Patrick, Great Britain/London – was in Lusaka.

1950-06-27 Fr. Genest Pierre, Canada/Montréal – was in Dedza Diocese, Malawi.

1950-06-27 Fr. Piette Luc, Canada/Montréal – was in South Africa.

1950-06-27 Fr. Poisson Bernard, France/Billère – was in Kasama.

50 years of Oath

1965-01-28 Fr. Amyot d’Inville Jacques, France/Paris, Friant – was in Mansa and South Africa.

1965-02-01 Fr. Gouiller Jean-Luc, France/SAP/Zmb/Kalongwezi – is still in Zambia, Chipata.

1965-02-01 Fr. Hoffmann Felix, Germany/Trier – was in Mbalaé

1965-06-28 Fr. Tillmann Ferdinand, Germany/EAP/Uga/Ggaba.

1965-06-29 Fr. Richard François, France/MG/Roma – was in Zambia, FENZA.

25 years of Oath

1990-12-07 Fr. Bomansaan Francis, Ghana/SAP/Zmb – is in Kasama.

1990-12-07 Fr. Gasimba Raphaël, DR Congo/EPO/Jérusalem – was in South Africa.

Julain_Kasiya_21990-12-07 Fr. Kasiya Julian, Malawi/SAP/Mwi/Mua – is moving to Mozambique.

1990-12-07 Fr. Mapunda Baptiste,Tanzania/Ghana/Wa – was in Zambia.

1990-12-07 Fr. Mumbi Patrick Zambia/SAP/Lusaka, FENZA

1990-12-07 Fr. Wernke Bernhard, Germany/SAP/Moz/Dombe.

1990-12-15 Fr. Apee Dominic, Ghana/Tamale – was in Zambia.

50th Independence Anniversary Honours and Awards.

Golden Jubelee MedalAccording to the exercise of powers contained in Article 44 (2) (f) of the Constitution of Zambia, Lusaka Province Minister Philip Kosamu, on behalf of His Excellency the President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, conferred the 50th Independence Anniversary Medals to 1356 freedom fighters, ex-service chiefs, traditional leaders and other Zambians and distinguish individuals. This First Ever Special Single Class Golden Jubilee Medal function took place on 23rd October 2014 at Mika Convention Centre.

Among those who received a medal are five Missionaries of Africa:

  • Bishop Adolf Joseph Paul Furstenberg, German (1909 – 1988)
  • Father Jean Jacques Corbeil, Canadian (1914 – 1990)
  • Father Bernard Poisson, French, born in 1926, currently in Billère, France
  • Father Claude Galmiche, French, born in 1925, currently in Tassy, France
  • And Bishop René Pailloux, French, (1903 – 1988)

Father Oswald Mallya received the medals on behalf of our confreres. With them, we are honored and grateful to the Government of Zambia for this recognition.

Bernard Poisson 2014Claude Galmiche 2014 B copie

Distinction Poisson