Installation of Rev. Fr. Norbert Renatus Nkingwa, M. Afr, as Parish Priest of St. Annes’ Parish, New Town, Kasama.

installation-of-rev-fr-norbert-renatus-nkingwa-05b2By Mike Mawelera, M. Afr

On Sunday, 16th October, 2016, in a colourful and joyful atmosphere, His Grace, Archbishop Ignatius Chama of the Archdiocese of Kasama, Zambia, celebrated Mass with the Catholic community at the Ordination Square within the premises of St. Anne’s Parish.

During the celebration, 124 people from St. Anne’s Area alone (the parish has three areas plus a semi-autonomous sub-parish) received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Prior to that, immediately after his homily, Archbishop Chama installed our confrere, Norbert Renatus Nkingwa as the latest Parish Priest of St. Anne’s Parish, New Town, Kasama. Both the Confirmation and the installation were met and received with great jubilation from the people. Fr. Lawrence Tukamushaba and Fr. Michael Mawelera, M. Afr were also officially presented to the faithful by the Archbishop as collaborators of Fr. Norbert. Among those who attended the Mass were Hon. Kelvin Sampa, MP of Kasama Central Constituency and the District Commissioner of Kasama Disrict. After a hearty lunch the Archbishop met with the Parish Executive.

I am happy and well pleased to mention that the transition period and the eventual handover of St. Anne’s Parish administration from Fr. Luc Antaya to Fr. Norbert Nkingwa were done professionally and transparently. A lot of time was given to look into the nitty-gritties of the life of the parish.

We now look to the future with faith, hope and love. May God continue to bless our Mission.

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Farewell to Archbishop James Mwewa Spaita, Kasama, Zambia

ARCHBISHOP JAMES MWEWA SPAITA burial siteBy Christopher Chileshe M.Afr
Archbishop James Mwewa Spaita, passed away at 15.14 hours on 4th November 2014 in the Kasama General Hospital at the age 80.
On Thursday 6th November 2014, a vigil Mass was held at St John’s Cathedral in Kasama. Many people attended this solemn Eucharistic celebration including all our novices and staff of Lualuo Spiritual Formation Center in Kasama. Bishop Aaron Chisha was the main celebrant at this Mass. The body viewing for the late continued through the night to 08.00hours the following day.
That Friday 7th November 2014, a Eucharistic Celebration for the late Archbishop James Mwewa Spaita was held. It was graced by all the Bishops of the Zambia Episcopal Conference (except Bishop of Livingstone who was not able to attend due to sickness). The colorful funeral procession begun at 09.00 hours from the Cathedral Church to the Jubilee Square where the Mass was held. Hundreds of people from all over the country came along to this celebration
Archbishop Ignatius Chama presided at this Eucharistic Celebration. In his homily he stated that the late Archbishop Spaita had fought a good fight and finished the race. In his lifetime, he was a man who saw a blessing in all his sufferings. He persevered in all his difficulties. As the Lord has promised, he will still guide him now that he has gone away from us. We have now been left with a lesson to follow in our own lives. We should remember that all the violence’s in our world today are in fact as a result of our lack of self-giving – a quality that the late Archbishop Spaita had.
In thanksgiving to God for the Eucharist broken and shared out, the choir led the congregation in a song that was sung at Archbishop Spaita’s 50th anniversary of priesthood. Some of the quotes from the song are;
“Thank God after I have run the race
Thank God for my life
Thank God for all my works
Now I wait for the gift God will give me”
In his final speech the Archbishop Chama also gave special gratitude to Fr. Martin Mulenga who cared for the late Archbishop during the last years before he died. The late himself would proudly say “Now that I am blind I have five legs, the two natural legs, the walking stick and the two legs of Fr. Mulenga”. Fr. Mulenga has also given us an example of how priests can look after each other.
The government of the Republic of Zambia (Which is also in mourning at the passing away of the republican president, the late Michael Chilufya Sata) was also well represented at the occasion. Hon Ngosa Simbyakula Minister of Home Affairs spoke on behalf of the large entourage. His speech was very sympathetic and lacked any political tone.
On behalf of the Zambia Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu gave thanks to all who had come to see off their brother Bishop. He also expressed thanks for the long life of the late Archbishop Spaita. He mentioned that this death was the sowing of a seed and the ushering in of yet another ancestor in the Zambian Church.
The Mother General of the Sisters of Mercy of Mansa read a very moving tribute to the late Archbishop James Mwewa Spaita their founding Father. Here are some extracts;
We mourn but believe you live on
You touch each one of us in single ways
A great man of prayer, humility
Your life speaks unconditional love
No matter what pain, you said ‘cikapita’
In sickness and pain you found a Joy which radiated to others.
Farewell, we know you will live on.
Archbishop Mwewa Spaita was finally put to rest just next to the Cathedral of St. John’s in Kasama.
His motto, “To Serve, Not To Be Served” has now been fulfilled.
He ordained the first six Missionaries of Africa from Kasama Archdiocese, we shall live to remember him.
May he now rest in eternal peace.
Life History of Archbishop James Spaita
Burial ceremony of Archbishop James Spaita, Kasama, Zambia

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Burial ceremony of Archbishop James Spaita, Kasama, Zambia

James-Spaita copieA vigil Mass for Archbishop James Spaita took place on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 18 hours, in the Cathedral of St Johns, Kasama. The Funeral Mass and burial was at the Cathedral of St. Johns, Kasama on Friday 7th November.
Let us all join together in praying for this great pastor and servant of God in the Zambian Church.
May he rest in perfect peace.
Christopher Chileshe, M.Afr
Saturday Post
Kasama Diocese Archbishop Ignatius Chama urges politicians not to tear Zambia apart –
By Salim Dawood in Kasama   |   Updated: 08 Nov, 2014
Archbishop Ignatius Chama copieDo not tear the country to pieces because of the desire to become president, Kasama Diocese Archbishop Ignatius Chama has told politicians. Speaking during the burial ceremony of Archbishop James Spaita at St John’s Catholic grounds yesterday, Archbishop Chama said the country could only be ruled by one elected person at a time. “Now let me turn to my friends, the politicians, I appeal to you to lead us in common desire to be ruled by an elected president after the death of Michael Sata, the president of our country,” he said. “The country can only be ruled by one candidate at a time, so allow us to have a president that is elected in a peaceful, free and fair election without tearing this country into pieces.” Archbishop Chama said politicians must allow eligible Zambians to vote for a candidate they wanted without intimidation. Archbishop Chama also thanked the government for the support during the funeral of Archbishop Spaita.  And speaking on behalf of government, home affairs minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula described the death of Archbishop Spaita as a double tragedy because of the death of president Sata. “Government deeply mourns the late Archbishop whose death came to us with deep shock. We shall miss him as a caring shepherd for his priests and Christians in Kasama and the country. We interacted well with him and took advice from him on many issues concerning the development of the country,” said Dr Simbyakula. Archbishop Spaita who died on November 4 aged 80 was buried yesterday within the St John’s Catholic grounds. Among those who attended the burial were mines minister Christopher Yaluma, commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa, Eastern Province minister Malozo Sichone and his Northern Province counterpart Freedom Sikazwe. Others were FDD president Edith Nawakwi, ABZ president Frank Bwalya, NRP president Cosmo Mumba, Kasama member or parliament, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and his Kabwata counterpart Given Lubinda. Meanwhile, Sampa and 11 others, including this reporter, were yesterday forced to make an emergency landing after their chartered plane developed a mechanical fault mid-air. The Lusaka-bound plane was returning from Kasama where government officials attended Archbishop Spaita’s burial. The pilot Steven Terblance said he was not sure what caused the fault as nothing of that nature had ever occurred in his seven-year flying experience. One of the engines on the Nkwazi Air-charter aircraft failed 10 minutes after take-off from Kasama Airport. After realising the failure, the pilot U-turned to Kasama on one engine where he made an emergency landing. Those on the plane included Lusaka lawyer Anthony Kasolo, Cosmo Mumba and some journalists.
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