World Meeting of Young Consecrated People – September 2015

Camille Konkobo - Rome 201501Vatican City – 15th to 19th September 2015

By Camille Konkobo, Vocation Director, Zambia

I was invited to take part to a meeting organized by the Vatican for the young consecrated people across the world. The meeting started on 15th September with a vigil prayer. 4000 people were expected but we ended up with 7000 participants.

The gatherings took place at St Paul VI Hall each morning while the afternoons were set aside for group discussion in various places in Rome, according to languages. A Mass was celebrated at the end of the day followed by visits of Vatican touristic sites.

In line with the theme of this event “Wake up the world”, the Pope encouraged us to build-up joyful communities that unite all the members into one family of trust and love. The Pope asked us to throw our nets into deep waters by promoting vocations and helping the youth to discover or experience de love of God. A Congregation that doesn’t promote vocations is subjected to death.

We got a lot of encouragement from Pope Francis telling us that we should take up the challenge and cultivate a spirit of creativity hence bringing together or being a channel between generations within our own communities.

We were five missionaries of Africa present from different Provinces: Joseph Giday from Ethiopia (EPO), Camille Konkobo from Burkina (SAP), Prosper Harelimana Mamadou from Rwanda (GhNgr), Adrien Sawadogo from Burkina Faso (PAO), Jean-Pierre Mbiringaniné from Congo DR (EAP)

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Home Coming, by Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

Adrien-Sawadogo-2014When I left Zambia in 2011 for a three years’ Arabic and Islamic studies, I hoped to come back to the Zambian sector after completion. However, at the end of my studies, I received a new appointment that took me to the West African province in view of heading the Institute for Islamo-Christian Formation (IFIC) in Bamako in Mali. The day I received my appointment, I felt a deep need for coming back to the Zambian sector as to be able to leave and be totally present in Mali. I made the request and was blessed with the favour from my new province to come back to Zambia and visit the places and people that I love and carry dearly in my heart. From the day I landed in Lusaka, I was healed from the shock of the surprised appointment and I was already ready to go. Now that I have been able to pay a visit to Kitwe my place of stage, Nyimba my first term of missionary experience and Lumimba my last pastoral home before studies, I may say that Home coming has been a healing remedy; I am now ready to take up my new appointment whole heartedly. And so, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the SAP Provincial and his Secretary for facilitating my entry to Zambia, for their warm welcome to the province; my sincere gratitude to the Zambian Sector Delegate for the warm and fraternal welcome given me during the whole of my stay. My gratitude to all the confreres I met and to the Zambian people and Zambia. We remain united in fraternal love and in mission. You are all invited to Mali, to IFIC.
Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr